AMC's New Series Sees 'Red'

AMC, fresh off the success of "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad," is continuing its push into original programming. The network, now part original series/part films, is developing a sci-fi drama about people in the first human colony on the Red Planet.

The show is known as "Red Mars," and draws its moniker from an 1992 eponymous novel by Kim Stanley Robinson. Jonathan Hensleigh ("Armageddon") is the writer and co-executive producer.

AMC has quickly defined a unique programming blueprint coupling cinematic originals with enduring iconic movies," said Christina Wayne, head of original and mini-series at the Rainbow Media Network She said the network's goal now is to "expand into new genres ... [sci-fi is] a genre that resonates well with our audience."

AMC is in some 93 million homes, and has wind at its back, both as a magnet for viewers and creative talent, largely from the critically acclaimed Sixties-style advertising drama "Mad Men."

In addition to "Mad Men," the net scored with the crime-themed series "Breaking Bad" and the Western "Broken Trail." AMC is busy readying the 1960s cult series "The Prisoner," which will star Jim Caviezel and Ian McKellen.

"Mad Men" became the first basic cable series this year to win the Emmy for best drama.



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