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Don't Build Links, Grow Them Organically

Tad Chef says tp eschew all the "link building" talk (and tactics) in favor of more organic methods. "More and more conventional link building methods, like directory submission, are of less and less value," he says. "In fact soon we'll see a situation where all artificial ways of link building will be frowned upon."

Chef serves up a number of suggestions for growing links naturally, including being useful to your target community by developing a WordPress theme, Firefox plugin or other free tool, as well as organizing a recognition ceremony like the Web 2.0 awards.

Other tips include launching a charity contest or drive, offering product rebates or discounts for specific groups (i.e. students, people working from home, etc.) and starting some kind of green initiative. "Of course, all these ways of getting links also get you reputation and fans, and thus traction in social media too," Chef says. "People hate companies and businesses overselling but they love free stuff and those who offer it. When everybody loves you also, those who are willing to spend money will find you."



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