Stop. Collaborate. Listen.

Everything speeds up as technology improves - it's the nature of the beast.  We only have so many hours in a day, so it's natural to want faster production, faster travel, and faster communication.  The downside to all this, however, is that sometimes we also think far more quickly than we should - and the media isn't helping.

Take as an example the stock market.  While the US is clearly experience economic difficulties, it seems that the speed and scope with which it has been rising and falling can be tied directly to instantaneous media coverage.  The break-neck pace can also cause mistakes to create far bigger disturbances than they should.  Take, for instance, the recent CNN iReport that Steve Jobs was hospitalized for a heart attack.  Within hours, Apple stock had plummeted 10% - all because people didn't feel they had the time to appropriately fact check.

I think the media has a new obligation to the American public in this age of super-communication.  They need to foster a sense that simply having all the information at one's disposal instantaneously is not cause to make a snap decision.



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