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Using Trust Symbols To Boost Conversions

  • PPC Hero, Thursday, October 9, 2008 3:15 PM
Including trust and credibility symbols on your Web site (like the VeriSign secured logo or a secure socket layer notification) can be one of the small tweaks it takes to help boost conversions. That's according to Tim Ash, author of Landing Page Optimization and CEO of Amber Benedict reviews a presentation Ash recently gave during the PPC Summit, which focused on the small things site owners could do to make readers feel secure about providing things like contact info or making purchases with a credit card.

"Trust symbols would include safe site logos and secure checkout logos," Benedict says. "Credibility elements should include any awards the company has won, any news articles that company has been featured in, case studies, and company logos that you have or are currently working for. Having these elements on your site will reduce the amount of risk a potential buyer may feel while doing their research and browsing your site."

Of course, incorporating these symbols, badges and endorsements throughout the Web site is key. Having the logo visible while consumers are checking out (or filling out a subscription form) is good, but reinforcing that trust by showing the logos on product pages (or even the homepage) is better.



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