Current TV Creates Laughs With Rooftop

RooftopComedyCurrent TV, the network that seeks to provide information and entertainment in the voice of young adults, will launch a stand-up comedy series. The network has a deal with RooftopComedy in which the distributor will provide it with a weekly show featuring young comedians on stage.

Current will use the content on-air and online. The comedy is to focus on political and other relevant news topics.

RooftopComedy collects a wealth of programming by recording live performances at comedy clubs throughout the U.S. and overseas; it has links with some 3,000 comedians. The company syndicates its content to Web venues such as Hulu and Yahoo News, and mobile outlets.

Current's "distribution with a young, socially aware audience" dovetails with RooftopComedy's target, said CEO Will C. Rogers. "Humor is one of the best ways to talk honestly about sensitive topics, and RooftopComedy leverages comedy in a thoughtful, unique way," adds David Neuman, president of Current programming.

Current is in some 58 million homes globally, distributed via various partners, including Comcast, Time Warner, Sky and Sky Italia.



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