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Link-Building Basics

A section on the most important pitfalls to avoid when making directory submissions, both paid and free, wraps up a three-part series by Paul Teitelman on link-building. In a nutshell, avoid submitting sites one by one. By negotiating per submissions, assuming you have more than 20 sites to submit, you can gain "awesome" discounts and savings for each.

Don't use the same anchor text every time. Include the keywords within the company name or brand. It's an easy way to get favorable anchor text approved. You won't get the most ideal anchor text, but it will turn out better than the administrator using your company title or brand by itself. The third pitfall revolves around the number of submissions: don't go crazy with them. Be careful to watch the velocity of your link building, since it's tempting to pay an outsourced worker a few bucks to submit to a couple hundred directories. Teitelman tells you why you shouldn't.



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