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Finding Opportunities In Video Game Ads

  • ClickZ, Tuesday, October 28, 2008 12:45 PM
Online video games and the advent of the networked game console have brought opportunities in search and in-game advertising. The online games connect families, build friendships and allow consumers to cross borders without a passport. So what's a marketer to do with this information? Identify pockets of the game industry that offer societal benefit and deliver your target audience. Kevin Carney makes a good case for exploring search campaigns and advertising in video games without going into grand details; rather, he provides examples of his real-life experiences with gaming.

Demonstrating possibilities to reach your audience, he writes that "whether or not you're a proponent of games or gameplay, it's now impossible to deny they have eclipsed most media in the competition to 'waste our time.'" In the positive sense, he believes that you can't neglect the societal benefits of gaming.



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