iPhone Overtakes Razr In Mobile Ad Requests Worldwide

  • November 19, 2008
After eclipsing the Razr as the top-selling consumer phone in the U.S. in third quarter, the iPhone also replaced the Motorola device as the leader in generating ad impressions, according to mobile ad network AdMob.

The company ranks handsets based on the ad requests, or impressions, they receive from each device across the more than 5,000 sites they serve. In its mobile metrics report for October, AdMob reported the iPhone enjoyed strong worldwide traffic growth, with 37% of ad requests coming from outside the U.S. That helped it jump from fourth place to No. 1 in AdMob's rankings.

In U.K. rankings the iPhone is third, behind the Nokia N95 and Sony Ericsson K800i. AdMob in October reached more than four million unique iPhones, or about 30% of the Apple devices in use.

AdMob said worldwide ad impressions increased 13.8% from September to October to 5.8 billion.--Mark Walsh



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