NBC.com Launches Interactive Story For 'Heroes'

  • November 20, 2008
NBC.com has launched a new interactive story for the third season of its "Heroes: Evolutions" series. The new feature, "Friend or Foe," allows users to explore on-air plot lines and engage with characters and other players.

"Friend or Foe" lets fans play "contractors," or operatives that factor into the show's winding story line. Each week, users will be presented with a new chapter in the ongoing interactive story. They must then decide which "contracts" to pursue, which methods to use and whom they can trust. Ultimately, users will be able to shape their own stories online through their choices.

The effort is part of NBC's larger "360" strategy, which incorporates interactive Web components into the overall marketing and programming strategy of its more popular shows.--Gavin O'Malley



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