Microsoft Silverlight Creates Ads for 'New York Magazine'

  • November 25, 2008
EyeWonder and Akamai Technologies have delivered the first in-stream advertisements through Microsoft Silverlight for New York Magazine's "Where's Rogan?" interactive campaign.

The tongue-in-cheek expose of eco-conscious fashion designer Rogan Gregory, who goes missing during New York's Fashion Week, aired in eight weekly segments on the magazine's Web site.

During the Webisodes, viewers control the advertising experience by interacting with product placement bugs and tickers from Olay, TRESemme and Continental Airlines. During one episode, a ticker advertisement for Continental Airlines runs across the bottom of the screen. When a viewer clicks on it, a separate window opens to the airline's main booking page, allowing users to book a flight while watching the video. Another episode features an Olay product placement bug which, when clicked, pauses the video to show the viewer a mini commercial. When the ad finishes, the video resumes playing.--Laurie Sullivan



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