Breakout Session Notes -- Emerging Platforms -- Brand Advertisers

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Notes courtesy of Roger Barnette from SearchIgnite...

Brand Marketers â€" Brand and Performance marketing budgets are separate - depending on the industry/site â€" ecommerce vs. lead generation/informational.

Social/Rich media â€" advertisers are still only dabbling in the video/social media. A lot of testing in this area. Google â€" seeing mix of social vs. traditional media. Depends on how savvy agency or client is. Adoption is slow because measurement isn’t there.

Youtube â€" any revenue from Search yet? Many ways to monetize, but nothing released yet. Regulations are a roadblock also (for certain industries).

ROI on non-core media (Search) â€" there has been demonstrated lift in adding Rich media to the mix. However, hard to measure because of silo’ed channels â€" would be useful if the network (Google) could enable cross channel measurement.

Next opps/challenges: - Tags: smoother implementation of tags that are multi-purpose (tracking several apps/users). Tag management service? (Floodlight) Need a universal tagging system. Advertisers need some control of tagging. - Attribution: Multiple touch points. Click weighting is random. Analytics are silo’ed also. - More communication between client and agency on what media mix is most effective.

2009 â€" Much progress is foreseen in cross channel attribution. “The year of Attribution.” Search agencies will no longer be separate from digital agency as the lines will blur between search and performance-based display.

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