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A number of great attendees are Tweeting about the conference. Find them all by visiting and searching on #eis. Most of the posts from the Summit start with that key.

Here's a few cool ones:

LorenMcDonald: #eis Moms are all very different, but what they do have in common is the need for usability, transparency, trust of referrals & convenience

bwhalley: Mom panel: Don't know/recognize the difference between complaining/deleting. #eis

banane: #eis memory: when @djwaldow asked why/what they delete in inbox, woman asks if he's married, and says "do you know women? we're random." ?

samrpath: #eis Mom panel, asked what device would take on deserted island. All wanted some access to email. No mention of need for marketing emails!

cehouse: Marketers Panel: Brad from NWA/Delta â€" with economic issues in past years has shifted from DM to Email. "No segment is too small.:" #eis

bnash972: Disagree w/ brad from nwa. Segments can be too small. Opportunity cost becomes a factor. #eis

djwaldow: sitting next to Chad White @retailemailblog - he just told me he is "paper blogging" - great new term (inspired by @jaybaer) #eis

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