Yahoo's Jumpcut Fading To Black

  • December 18, 2008
Yahoo appears to be phasing out online video editing site Jumpcut, acquired in 2006 as part of the Web portal's effort to add social media to compete with the YouTube and other video-sharing sites.

Jumpcut has posted a notice that it's no longer accepting video uploads. "We will be keeping the Jumpcut site up and running for the foreseeable future so you'll still be able to play, remix and share your existing movies--you just won't be able to upload anything new," reads the statement.

It directs users instead to go to Flickr to upload videos, as the photo-sharing service recently added a video capability as well.

Yahoo reportedly has also pulled the plug on Kickstart, a social job network aimed at college students and recent graduates it launched in November 2007.--Mark Walsh



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