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Kris Kringle Breaks Silence In Letter To Ad Industry

Kris Kringle (aka Santa Claus) dictates an "open letter" to Jim Nichols asking marketers to more closely follow the Santa LLC brand guidelines when representing him. He highlights a few holiday ads that have run during the past 20 years, reflects on those who have used his likeness and trademarks without permission, and suggests it's time to move forward with plan for 2009.

On Claus' request, Nichols offers advice to clients and brand managers, media planners and buyers, publishers, and ad networks, providing examples for each. For instance, he suggests one way to get clients to understand drop-dead dates. "Here's a little known fact we try to keep hidden from kids: There used to be 10 tiny reindeer. Sprinter (may she rest in peace) was Comet and Vixen's foal, a lovely lass, all spirit and energy -- until we went 31 days late on paying an invoice," he writes. "Those RedWagCor people took little Sprinter for a one-way ride on the li'l red wagon to H-E-Double Hockeysticks. A few days later, we found her lifeless body hooves-up in a bin of Webkinz."



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