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Closing Out The Year At No. 1 (Drum Roll, Please)

Trevor Claiborne, part of the AdWords crew, has posted the top 10 favorite posts for 2008, according to FrankRank, Google's AdWords ranking system. In an earlier post, Frank the turkey, AdWords's mascot, tells us, in a little tongue-and-cheek humor, FrankRank is based on "how well a particular ad goes with mashed potatoes and gravy... and quite frankly, how much I like the ad."

FrankRank ranks No. 10 the blog post on Search-based Keyword Tool, which helps you locate missed opportunities for advertising campaigns. At No. 9 is "Groundhogs, Seasonality, and Trends," a fun post on how you could use Google Trends to plan your campaigns around seasonal traffic patterns.

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