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Search Engine Rankings, May They Rest In Piece

  • ClickZ, Monday, December 29, 2008 12:31 PM
What's the point of having a rank at a search engine for a specific keyword or phrase if it doesn't send relevant traffic or, even worse, sends no traffic at all? So asks Mike Grehan, overjoyed that ranking has outlived its relevance.

Grehan has been trying to educate his clients for years. Aside from rankings, he has written about relevance feedback and the role it plays in retrieving information on the Web. "I work with a crack team of data-driven analysts," Grehan writes. "We're focused on providing meaningful information to our clients based on an advanced approach to analytics. Slowly, but surely, we're weaning our clients off the SEO crack cocaine that has been a ranking report and on to more meaningful key performance indicators and deliverables."



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