A Dull Green

FOB: A Dull GreenPerhaps the eco-movement has lost its dew-speckled, sun-kissed luster for consumers. Or maybe environmental coverage has lumbered into the mainstream, and consumers simply expect it regularly. Or it could be that magazines are entering the new year with a more risk-averse, batten-down-the-hatches mentality. Whatever the reason, consumers and magazines - both groups are poorer and more unemployed than this time last year - shouldn't expect as many environmental-themed issues in 2009. Among the titles that won't publish greenies this year: Discover, Outside, Sunset and domino. Keen-eyed Media readers will remember that we carefully examined domino's logic-baffling green issue last time around ("Save the planet by buying all this expensive stuff!" pretty much summarizes that issue's editor's letter). While domino won't shill for $500 plywood lamps in an eco-issue in 2009, it will host an eco-minded "Domino District" shopping event that - hold your breath - will include a green showhouse. Ah, the joys of shamelessly justified conspicuous consumption.
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