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3.7 Billion External Backinks To

Eric Enge interviews Alex Chudnovsky, the founder of Majestic-12, a U.K.-based firm that specializes in cross-platform .NET/C# development and data analysis applications that focus on creating Web search engines. Chudnovsky talks about the relevance of backlinks and how search engines differentiate between more and less popular sites.

Chudnovsky's company built a large index close to the size of Yahoo and Google, and in February launched a commercial offshoot, Majestic-SEO, to help fund further research and development in SEO. Similar to Google Webmaster Tools, the service provides reports on competitors' Web sites for a fee. Providing insight on the amount of available data, Chudnovsky tells Enge his company's indexing tool has crawled about 114 billion sites, which includes URLs that have failed to index due to errors like "404 Not Found." The total crawled data size is more than 2.5 peta bytes.

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