The Element of Surprise

A new book for marketers, POW! Right Between the Eyes! (Wiley, $22.95) by Andy Nulman kicks off its message about the value of surprise marketing straightaway in its forward (forwards, actually - there are two and they are by surprising choices). One is by television talk show host and comedian Craig Ferguson and the other by John Cleese - yes, the one from Monty Python - who writes about, what else? Surprise. "I once went to the bed with the Duke of Kent," he starts. "There! You see what I mean? You were surprised by learning I had screwed his Grace and so I got your attention." Lesson learned, eh? Yet he keeps the surprises coming until arriving at the biggest one yet: "I think I can safely say that in examining the modern day chronicles of surprise, there is no bigger surprise than the fact that I actually agreed to provide the forward for this book."

Cleese it seems has learned more than a few things about marketing over his years with the Flying Circus and after conceding that he has "now officially paid off that lingering poker debt," goes for the hard sell: "Andy Nulman is not the slightest bit tall, but he makes me laugh. I like him. It will be a surprise to me if you don't. So buy this book. Or you will die."


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