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Search Ads Generate Cash for D.C. Rentals

  • ClickZ, Tuesday, January 20, 2009 2:16 PM
A bunch of Web sites for temporary D.C. rentals during the inauguration are among those cashing in on Obama-mania with search ads, according to Fred Aun. One AdWords campaign has generated about $10,000 so far, Aun writes. Another, for National Event Rental, was begun directly after the election -- and was the only ad that showed up when you typed in the word "inauguration," according to the company's owner.

Aum explains that a Google spokeswoman said searches on the word "inauguration" increased 75% during the last week, and are up more than 75% from the inauguration in 2005. The hot keyword is being leveraged by all kinds of AdWords users, he writes.

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