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Facebook's 'Make or Break Year'

Mark Zuckerberg was spotted at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland wearing a tie, which is unusual for him, to commemorate Facebook's "intense" year. Why intense? According to blogger Robert Scoble, 2009 "is Facebook's make or break year," because this is the year the social networking giant either becomes one of the Web's most respected brands, or "the wheels come off of the train and everything goes wrong."

In his interview with Zuckerberg, Scoble reveals that Facebook is now fixated on studying "sentiment behavior." If a user is having a bad day, for example, Facebook wants to be able to select news feed stories promoting happier news. This is also a feature that users might be able to control.

Zuckerberg, meanwhile, is taking notes on how to run his company from world leaders like Russia's Vladimir Putin. "He is running Russia like the CEO of a big oil company," Zuckerberg says. The Facebook CEO is clearly looking at how other people run things and looking for positive takeaways he can bring to his company.



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