Live From TED

So I am writing this while in Palm Springs attending TED 2009. I can't put into words the vibe from our little group (we are the satellite site to the main conference's Long Beach site) but suffice to say, there are some common themes that are emerging: creativity, story-telling and looking beyond what we know.

On creativity: how can we as an industry of disparate intentions push the limits of what it means to be creative, both in what we produce as well as how we produce it?

On story-telling: know thy audience and make it personal. How can we create an intimate conversation with each viewer? How can we engage?

On looking beyond: get out of your cube, your office, your ecosystem and find solutions to problems where you have never looked before.

Since I am writing this on my BlackBerry, my comments may seem disjointed. But next week, when I am back, I will connect these three uber-learnings to three challenges that we face today: metrics, engagement and interactivity. Stay tuned.



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