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  • Postmortem Of A Trump Sound Bite by Gord Hotchkiss (Media Insider on 03/19/2024)

    Jay and George - I get that Trump is a lightening rod candidate and that his actions are reprehensible - believe me when I tell you you're preaching to the choir here. But that wasn't the point of the post. The point was that the coverage was inaccurate given what he said and that is symptomatic of the issue when you rely on media for information. Yes, Tone, context and history matter. But none of those things are license to misreport and misrepresent. That's squarely on the media and platforms. Worse, by doing this, you're actually helping Trump spread his message. 

  • My Award For The Most Human Movie Of The Year by Gord Hotchkiss (Media Insider on 03/12/2024)

    Jim - I loved Past Lives. In some ways, it was my favourite from among the nominated movies. The fact that it had a Canadian director was another plus for me - for purely personal reasons.

  • When The News Hits Home by Gord Hotchkiss (Media Insider on 08/22/2023)

    Thanks Christine - we're reading from the same page but I suspect we're preaching to the choir. 

  • 1,000,000 Words To The Wise by Gord Hotchkiss (Media Insider on 11/29/2022)

    Ken - thanks for giving my words a home!

  • My 10-Day Tech Detox by Gord Hotchkiss (Media Insider on 10/25/2022)

    Thanks Ken!

  • Esther Dyson, Roger McNamee, And Media Metabolism by Steven Rosenbaum (Media Insider on 09/19/2022)

    Yes! Esther - I miss our chats and this reminded me why. I have been banging this drum for years now. The inherent issues with media and journalism is just one of the existential threats I've been juggling in my increasingly anxious mind. I'm not sure where we go, but it's gratifying to know that stalwart visionaries like Esther and Roger are also ringing the alarm bells. Ultimately, though, it comes down to us. Unless we - the audience - takes the market away for ad-supported misinformation, there will always be profit-driven platforms going after that market. You can't expect sharks to suddenly decide to stop being sharks. It's not in their DNA. And if the onus is on us, I don't have a lot of hope for things to get better. 

  • Sarcastic Much? by Gord Hotchkiss (Media Insider on 07/05/2022)

    Are you the one doing the biting?

  • Using Science For Selling? Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No by Gord Hotchkiss (Media Insider on 05/17/2022)

    Sorry James - just saw your request. The version on my blog has links embedded for all the studies. I guess Mediapost deleted the links before posting.

  • Sarcastic Much? by Gord Hotchkiss (Media Insider on 05/24/2022)

    John - just click the link to John Cleese's tweet and you'll find the video of Noah

  • I Am Generation Jones by Gord Hotchkiss (Media Insider on 04/12/2022)

    Next step - a group therapy session for all the Jonesers out there!

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