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Gretchen Scheiman

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Gretchen is the founder of L5 Direct Consulting, Inc., a marketing strategy consulting firm specializing in relationship marketing and CRM communications. Gretchen brings over 15 years of direct marketing experience to her clients. If you need to communicate with your customers or clients, you should give her a call.

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  • Are You Ready To Add AI To Your Email Marketing? in Email Insider on 05/22/2017

    With all the buzz about artificial intelligence, email marketers need to have a plan for adding AI tools to their marketing mix. For most of us, it's not quite that easy. As with big data and content marketing, there is a lot of thought and planning required before you are ready to add AI to your email marketing. Here are four steps to help you get ready:

  • How Do I Get Started In A New Email Marketing Role? in Email Insider on 04/19/2017

    Last week at a conference, a marketer asked, "How do I get started with email marketing in my new role?" That's a great question. Every time you start a new job, you need to figure out once again how to proceed with email. The details will be different depending on the industry you are in and how advanced your new company is.

  • 5 Easy A/B Tests in Email Insider on 03/21/2017

    The mantra of direct marketers is "Test, Test, Test." Yet even good marketers sometimes skip testing and give in to the pressure to just get the email out the door. Tests can be hard to set up, especially ones that focus on the two biggest results-drivers: list and offer. But there are gains to be had from easy (well, easier) creative tests. Here are five easy A/B tests to run while you are pulling together the tougher ones.

  • Stop Testing Subject Lines in Email Insider on 02/27/2017

    Marketers are taught to test and learn so they can keep getting better results. Why then, are we all still testing subject lines? While these are the easiest tests to set up and run, they also have the smallest potential to drive better results.

  • Can Your Emails Drive Traffic Every Day? in Email Insider on 01/30/2017

    It's time to start thinking about the health of your email list, while your budgets are still fresh and your 2017 strategy is still getting off the ground. Email was the third-highest traffic driver to retail web sites on Black Friday, according to Adobe Digital Insights. Holiday season is long gone, of course. So how can your emails drive traffic now and for the rest of the year? Here are the key questions to ask yourself, to make sure you're on track for email marketing greatness:

  • How To Use Competitive Intelligence To Drive Email ROI in Email Insider on 11/15/2016

    Marketers who use competitive intelligence tools enjoy an average of three times more email generated revenue than those who don't, according to a recent report by The Relevancy Group. Yet one of the most common questions I'm asked when I present a client with a competitive analysis is: "There's no point in doing this more than once a year, right?" Think again. There's a lot you can -- and should -- do with competitive intelligence tools to drive ROI on a regular basis.

  • Driving Daily Repeat Visits With Email  in Email Insider on 10/03/2016

    My kids have been exploring the world of online gaming, and in a (probably futile) effort to balance the scales, I've been encouraging them to try some educational sites as well. As a result, I've been seeing a lot of daily emails dedicated to getting us to come back and continue interacting with a Web site. Encouraging repeat visitors is tricky stuff at best. Trying to do it daily can be a daunting task. Why? Well, the daily cadence risks more unsubscribes and spam complaints, so each email must do as much as possible to appear helpful and relevant. To do that, emails need to say something different each day. Content can be a big challenge for businesses to pull together efficiently. Here are some tips based on the good, the bad, and the ugly:

  • 4 Ways To Fight The Privacy Vs. Relevance Battle  in Email Insider on 09/06/2016

    Marketers have long been wary of the "creep" factor when it comes to relevance. Now privacy concerns threaten to make relevance even more difficult to do well. Below are four things marketers can - and should - be doing to improve trust and pave the way for relevance and personalization.

  • Creating An Email Strategy For A Tiny Audience in Email Insider on 08/03/2016

    We don't all have audiences in the millions, or even thousands. Some brands have really tiny audiences, and no plans to make them bigger - ever. Maybe you're marketing to business owners who need special gear for some of their workers, or to health-care professionals who treat a specific rare disease, or to people who have reservations on a commercial space flight. No matter how you have defined your audience for your brand, you think you need an email strategy. Here are some questions to answer when creating an email strategy for tiny audiences:

  • Ready For Dynamic Marketing? Your Systems Checklist in Email Insider on 07/05/2016

    "I know dynamic marketing is the right direction, but do we have the systems in place to do this?" My client, a brand-side marketing executive, and I were talking about incorporating dynamic marketing into his overall direct-marketing strategy. Here's a list of critical systems across databases and analytics that you want to have operational before you commit to dynamic marketing.

Comments by Gretchen All comments by Gretchen

  • 4 Ways To Fight The Privacy Vs. Relevance Battle by Gretchen Scheiman (Email Insider on 09/06/2016)

    I can't disagree that we - all of us, both in our jobs (as marketers) and in our personal lives - have been struggling for years with where the privacy boundaries should be. Early research demonstrated very clearly that there isn't a lot of agreement in the general public on the specifics, and that the answer to the question, "Should this be private?" is very much based on context - who asked, and when, and for what purpose. Data security is only one piece of a very big puzzle that we as marketers need to fit together very carefully, and with a lot of respect. 

  • Driverless Car? Forget About It. Porsche Says Keep That iPhone In Your Pocket by Chuck Martin (Connected Thinking on 02/02/2016)

    640k referred to hard drive space. And you are welcome to your 1.7MB of space. That isn't quite large enough these days, even for a phone. But you do have an interesting point about the brand. The thing is, while Porsche certainly caters to and encourages a brand identity consistent with people who prefer to drive finicky vehicles, there must be a decent segment of their buyers who would be just as happy to have the ability to auto-drive for those long hauls down boring, trafficked roads. So this is probably something they need to put a lot more thought and consideration into.

  • Social CRM Is Coming -- Are You Ready? by Gretchen Scheiman (Email Insider on 01/04/2012)

    Hi Jordan, thanks for the very insightful response. Agreed that a lot of marketers are still struggling with the basics. But today's article from Morgan Stewart pointed to at least one company that could make it easier for mid-size companies to get the basics nailed down much more easily. So I think this stuff is coming, it'll just take longer to get it productionalized and easy to implement. As for your second question - you're right that there are HUGE privacy implications here. This pretty much lives at an intersection of public opinion where people say, "Make it more relevant" and yet also say, "I want my privacy". So finding that balance is going to be key. Note that in my article, I was careful to point to opt-in and permissioning as a starting point for this.

  • Capturing Contact Information by Gretchen Scheiman (Email Insider on 08/15/2011)

    @Monica, thanks! All of us email folks who have tried to articulate these concepts many different ways over the years have a lot of valuable expertise that the new social and mobile list builders will definitely need. I appreciate the time you took to comment. @Tom, congrats on your new form builder. Definitely timely.

  • Integrating Social: More Than Just Adding Content To Your Emails by Gretchen Scheiman (Email Insider on 06/13/2011)

    This seems to have been a swing and a miss for me. My point was that email and social have been little more than a bunch of content so far. In fact, there is a huge opportunity to use data from social to drive triggered emails and increasingly relevant messaging. However, no one has yet nailed the data parsing issue - and it's not an easy one! Before we can take advantage of social, we need to be able to parse the data. It's all about the data Kordek. ALL about the data. Any company that loses sight of that is going to be playing in a tiny sandbox instead of the big wide world. Glad you liked the article. More on this later.

  • Email Decision-Making: Beyond Revenue Or Best Practices by Loren McDonald (Email Insider on 04/21/2011)

    Nicely articulated summary of the many decision factors businesses need to take into account when making changes to their email programs. Even when there are "best practices" or at least commonly used practices, there is no one right answer.

  • Four Things You Can Do Now About Privacy by Gretchen Scheiman (Email Insider on 04/18/2011)

    Good points Bill. Thanks!

  • Is Email Marketing Really A Conversation? by Chad White (Email Insider on 03/30/2011)

    Hi Chad, the analysis and data collection you have lumped under "listen" are the baseline requirements for doing any marketing - including "old school". The segmentation (list and content) efforts you called "responding" have always been requirements to consider someone a good "old school" marketer. (Even if they've at times been beyond our reach to achieve). The only "new school" about this is calling analytics and segmentation "listening" and "responding". Since neither are generally very transparent to the customer - are you sure these are really activites that evidence "listening" or "responding" or even "new school" marketing?

  • Maximizing Results When Email Isn't About Sales by Gretchen Scheiman (Email Insider on 03/21/2011)

    Kurt, a dedicated post is a great idea. It can be challenging to find the bounds of how to share your content across social media, but when you can share it's a great way to gain new interest. Thanks for commenting!

  • 2011: Year Of The Trigger? by Loren McDonald (Email Insider on 01/27/2011)

    Nice stats Loren, thanks for sharing. I've definitely noticed more retailers using triggered emails. I wonder how many B2B mailers are picking up on these where it makes sense.

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