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Harvey Chipkin

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  • Getting To Know You - And You - And You in Marketing Insider on 07/16/2018

    Getting to know customers through their behavior when planning and booking travel has become a priority for marketers. Technology companies have proliferated aiming to help marketers know the customer better - what sites they look at, where they have traveled before, what their travel preferences are.

  • AI Marketing Marches On in Marketing Insider on 06/18/2018

    With artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly accepted as a marketing tool, marketers are surveying the landscape to decide who can provide them with the most productive tools for their needs. A company called WayBlazer led by a team with an impressive background in travel technology promises a solution where users can seamlessly search and chat using natural language that understands context and intent. WayBlazer then recommends destinations and products such as packages, hotels, vacation rentals, cruises and more. Each recommendation dynamically ranks and merchandises the most relevant images and reviews for each individual user.

  • Can Paying Over Time Change The Travel Landscape? in Marketing Insider on 05/21/2018

    Is there a substantial contingent of travelers who would choose to take a trip if they could pay it off over a specific period of time at a consistent rate? More, are there people who would spend more if they had a similar opportunity? A company called Uplift thinks so and believes that its Uplift Pay Monthly tool will drive significant incremental travel and travel spending.

  • Travel Over Time in Marketing Insider on 04/16/2018

    Virtuoso, the network of luxury travel agencies, recently announced a new product for its members called Orchestrator. Much like a financial plan, Virtuoso Orchestrator is a proprietary consulting platform that turns clients' preliminary thoughts on dream destinations into well-organized travel plans. The process is led by certified travel advisors. As an added perk, clients receive their own Netflix-style travel account that builds anticipation.

  • #PressForProgress In Travel Marketing in Marketing Insider on 03/20/2018

    The #PressForProgress campaign is inevitably affecting the marketing of travel, an industry where women have long been the decision makers, whether as consumers or travel professionals. A recent example was the hiring of Wendy White as vice president of marketing for Egencia, the corporate travel arm of Expedia.

  • Marketing Beyond The Product in Marketing Insider on 02/19/2018

    Airbnb recently funded a digital campaign to promote tourism to destinations that President Trump allegedly referred to as "s---holes." The money was used to promote the company's listings in Haiti, El Salvador and African countries. In a series of tweets, Airbnb CEO and co-founder Brian Chesky shared photos of destinations in Haiti, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal and Morocco. One Chesky tweet said, "2.7 million guests from Airbnb decided that countries in Africa, El Salvador and Haiti were beautiful enough to visit. When we embrace the world, we see its beauty."

  • Wondering About 2018? Read This Report in Marketing Insider on 01/15/2018

    Yes, you're too busy to read 50 pages about 2018 travel trends. But if you want to make sense of what might be coming up this year, it might be worth your while to read "From the Front Line: Luxury Vacation Trends," written by Jack Ezon, president of Ovation Vacations, a luxury travel agency. There's a lot for marketers to chew on from this keen observer of the industry.

  • 'Dark Data' From Meetings Is Exposed in Marketing Insider on 12/18/2017

    At a time when one out of every three hotel room nights involves a meeting or other group event, not enough attention has been paid to the meeting as a product - and how marketers can maximize group events as far as reaching all those millions of attendees in the interests of improving their experience and delivering messages.

  • Here They Come: More Tech Marketing Products in Marketing Insider on 11/20/2017

    Marketing through technology has become key to revenue generation, and there is a multitude of new products promising to drive revenues by using new electronic tools driven by artificial intelligence, data analysis and other means. Quite a few of these products aim to act as non-human "concierges" for hotels and, while helping guests enjoy a better experience, offer a way for hotels to up-sell.

  • OK On AI And VR? in Marketing Insider on 10/16/2017

    Even as marketers are figuring out how to maximize mobile, here come more innovations speeding down the technology highway: artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR). It seems business travelers think these innovations are generally positive.

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