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Harvey Chipkin

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  • Making Motel 6 Mobile-Friendly in Marketing: Travel on 09/18/2017

    Motel 6 may be best known for one of the great ad campaigns in hospitality history - the use of spokesman Tom Bodett and the tagline, "We'll leave the light on for ya." It's still running after more than 30 years.

  • Monitoring The Mouse in Marketing: Travel on 08/14/2017

    It turns out that a mouse - at least a computer mouse - is not really quiet. Every time a human being moves it to get to someplace else on a screen, that human is telling us something about what they're thinking - and may ultimately be doing. For marketers, that could be crucial, according to a company called ContentSquare, a user experience analytics platform for websites and apps that deploys artificial intelligence to come up with its insights. It has almost 200 clients across multiple industries but with quite a few in travel, including Air France and Best Western.

  • Making The Change From Old Media To New in Marketing: Travel on 07/17/2017

    Michaela Guzy is a one-woman reflection of what has happened in the media in the last few years. After reaching high-level positions at publishing houses like Conde Nast and American Express Publishing, she dropped it all to start a website called OhThePeopleYouMeet (OTPYM) - dedicated to travel adventures focused on, well, the people you meet when traveling.

  • Modern Marketing Means Mobile Messaging in Marketing: Travel on 06/12/2017

    The move to messaging as a primary form of communication between companies and consumers is, if anything, accelerating - and it's time for marketers to be sure they are at least up to date on what this channel might mean for them and their specific products.

  • The New Language(s) Of Marketing in Marketing: Travel on 05/15/2017

    A recent press release from the Acme Hotel Co. in River North, Chicago, included these phrases: Snapchat Spectacles, Amazon Echo, ESP Guitar, DIY cocktail.

  • Monitoring Social Media in Marketing: Travel on 04/17/2017

    How do you keep up with what billions of people are saying on social media? Relax. Somebody is doing it for you. Local Measure, based in Sydney, Australia, calls itself "the leading customer intelligence platform in the tourism and hospitality sectors" and works with major companies like Accor, IHG, Virgin and Qantas.

  • Focusing On The Local  in Marketing: Travel on 03/20/2017

    Tip O'Neill, the legendary Massachusetts congressman, famously said, "All politics is local." And now it seems all hospitality is local. Hotel brands and operators are racing to out-local each other. They profess to be training their staffs to be the equivalent of classic concierges: knowing the hottest new restaurant in town, where to get the best deal on clothing and where to hear music usually reserved for those in the know. And they're employing technology in the form of interactive maps and virtual reality to step up the local game even more.

  • Social Media From The Summit in Marketing: Travel on 02/20/2017

    Keeping up with social media seems daunting, especially for those marketers whose professional careers predate it and who are trying to adapt. Laura Davidson Public Relations, which has been around for 25 years, aims to stay on top of the phenomenon and proved it recently when it held its first Social Media Summit in New York. While it has its own social media experts on staff, LDPR partnered with a company called Gather + Grow Media to partner on the event, attended by LDPR staff, clients and media.

  • Does Tech Sell Rooms? in Marketing: Travel on 01/16/2017

    How important is the latest in technology to a traveler's decision to stay in a hotel? Obviously, good (and ideally free) Wi-Fi is a given - but how much stock do hoteliers put in marketing their tech abilities? Marketers for tech-forward hotels place a priority on promoting it, but with qualifications because while everyone might appreciate and understand a great bed or restaurant, technology is more complex.

  • One Person, Multiple Devices And Channels in Marketing: Travel on 12/19/2016

    When two people visit Amazon's website, they get two different experiences based on their past histories with the retailer. This "Amazon effect" has changed consumer expectations, and puts pressure on travel suppliers to deliver personalization and relevance at every touchpoint. Imagine the following examples.

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