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Josh Perlstein

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An architect of Response Media’s Relationship Marketing System™, Josh leads the RM team in facilitating true connections between brands and consumers, using digital marketing to deliver relevancy, meaning, trust, and mutual value at scale. With more than two decades in the digital marketing space, Josh has pioneered best-in-class consumer acquisition, brand partnerships, and relationship marketing platforms for some of the world’s largest advertisers and brands, including Procter & Gamble, American Red Cross, The Humane Society, ConAgra Brands, IBM, Disney, and Capital One.

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  • Track, Evaluate, And Diversify To Drive Email List Growth by Morgan Stewart (Email Insider on 05/27/2009)

    Good overview, and you drove the important point home --continually track and optimize each individual source. Also, I agree that using engagement as a fall back for those that cannot calculate ROI from email makes sense. Still, for those marketers where ROI is not immediately evident, there are much better ways to determine the value of email list growth sources than clicks. Opens are better proxy, although unreliable in today's image-blocked world. We've found that just delivering an email to willing, properly-permissioned subscribers has proven to be a most-valuable interaction, much more valuable than an ad impression, or in some cases, even a website visit. Database and panel matches and longitudinal behavioral studies have proven this to us, time and again. Other important note -- for those marketers who really want to scale email list growth, going outside your website to acquire the permission of the most qualified email subscriber at the most efficient cost is critical. For that, sources including co-registration, acquisition-focused search, data-capture display and social media are top sources, achieving very close to the performance of organic/website sign-ups, BUT ONLY if best practices are employed: -only work with the right publishers/vendors who manage their sites and data responsibly (understand how they operate),-capture more than just a checkbox and email address in any form of co-registration (play hard to get),-communicate back with new subs immediately,- optimization, at least weekly, is required.

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