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Mark Naples

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Concultants, mostly.

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  • Whither Pay-Per-Call? in Online Spin on 05/19/2006

    It was the hottest thing two years ago, wasn't it? Pay-per-call was all the rage long before anyone made a dime on it....

  • Not All Innovations Are Technological in Online Spin on 05/12/2006

    In the column preceding last week's, I wrote about the lack of meaningful innovation that I saw at Ad: Tech. In that column, I had mentioned that there were some companies that demonstrated very cool ideas within proven models. Within the idiom of transparency therefore, let's talk about the ad network.

  • How We Will Get There Without Innovation? in Online Spin on 04/28/2006

    How will an industry that has seen so little innovation in the past two years reach an estimated $30 billion by the end of the decade?

  • Want To Buy Against Blog Readers? in Online Spin on 04/21/2006

    One of the problems I've had with blogs that I've carped about in this space is that, taken as a whole, they don't have nearly enough critical mass to be considered media.

  • Download Any Films Lately? in Online Spin on 04/14/2006

    There has been so much coverage lately about filmmakers releasing their products on the Web, and how so many households are finally doing what industry types thought would happen before the turn of the millennium--a convergence of the last mile between telephony and television. But, that convergence never really happened, did it?

  • Would You Reinvent a $100M Business? in Online Spin on 04/07/2006

    You would if you were Claria. And man, are they doing it in style.

  • The Wild, Wild (OMMA) West in Online Spin on 03/31/2006

    For many clients, media planning is taking on a whole new definition. Now many major marketers are planning ways to use their own sites as both buy side and sell side, building out brand-immersive games, informative podcasts, proprietary video and other interactive features designed to capture and continue a one-to-one conversation with their customers.

  • All Politics Are Local... in Online Spin on 03/24/2006

    We hear a ton about the growing importance of local search, but not enough attention has been paid to local media online as a whole. This has been changing somewhat recently, with the sale of Knight Ridder to McClatchy and the associated examination of what McClatchy sees as valuable within its acquired assets.

  • I'm Only Here To Help, Kids in Online Spin on 03/17/2006

    Have you ever had your computer seemingly taken over by invaders? I wrote a column here more than two years ago on how to remove certain spyware applications, and I was inundated with thank-you notes from readers. These tiny .exe files that get dropped on users' hard drives can corrupt hard drives, take over users' search functions, and basically distract anyone from what they do online.

  • Paying Attention To The Mid-Term Elections? in Online Spin on 03/10/2006

    Here's why you should--and no, this is not going to be any kind of polemic favoring one candidate or platform over another.

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  • Innovation Requires Breaking Through Walls, Even for James Cameron by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 03/17/2011)

    Such a great column, especially for those of us who think we're doing "heavy lifting" in our industry. Imagine having to pull this off on location, while spending $200M of your investors' money. Cameron is supposedly impossible to work with, primarily because he is absolutely intrepid. Say what you will about the artisitic quality of his films. Technologically, they are breathtaking.

  • Thank You, Randall Rothenberg; Job Well Done by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 12/23/2010)

    I couldn't agree more, Dave. Thanks, Randall. Congratulations to you and to TIME, Inc., and we'll all look forward to seeing what you conjure from 6th Ave in the years to come.

  • CBS Audience Five Times Bigger Than Facebook by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 12/09/2010)

    Great column, Dave. What most of those commenting seem to miss is that you're defeating the web's seemingly best argument. You're not even making any aggressive points for broadcast, nor do you have to break a sweat getting there. In other words, to everyone who has commented so far, list the last five brands you recall having seen on Facebook ads. Then, try to tell advertisers that the Nielsen ratings are nonsense. Great - now how did that go for you? Did they show you any of their creative as they were nodding in agreement? Everyone knows that the emperor has no clothes, kids. What we fail to recognize is that the best thing about our primary properties still ain't all that.

  • Time For Facebook To Face The Music by Cory Treffiletti (Online Spin on 09/29/2010)

    Great Column, as usual, Cory. I keep thinking that FB will introduce a completely new way to think about advertising, much as Google did a few years after we all used it for Search. But FB keeps disappointing. You'd think that with all the new ways to measure engagement and other brand-adherence, like Lotame's LTR, that FB would be out in front on this. Not yet though, hmm?

  • Never Cancel Lunch by Kendall Allen (Online Spin on 08/16/2010)

    Such great advice, Kendall - especially if the lunch is at Bin71, hmm?

  • A Little Advice On How To Find Balance by Cory Treffiletti (Online Spin on 05/12/2010)

    Yeah - this is one that some of us should frame and put over our desks. "Getting up" for lunch is one that is especially mandatory for me. We would all do well to take our eyes off our screens and stretch every 90 minutes too. Thanks, Cory.

  • 'Agency Of The Future' Depends On People First by Cory Treffiletti (Online Spin on 02/03/2010)

    Just a great piece, Cory. Man, you could write a book on this. No wonder brands don't trust their strategy to agencies, hmm?

  • Checking In, Checking Out by David Berkowitz (Social Media Insider on 01/26/2010)

    You the MAN, David. Now, when will you be back at our table?

  • Display Ads Do Have A Future -- We Just Can't See It Yet by Cory Treffiletti (Online Spin on 03/18/2009)

    It's funny - there's so much opposition to the more recent display innovations, like In-Text, and at the same time, we can all agree with what Cory says about its limitations. If history is any indication, one silver lining to the slowed economy will be the advent of even more display innovation. Just ask PointRoll. (founded during an even worse economy than today's)

  • Social Nervous System -- Or Nervous Social System? by Kendall Allen (Online Spin on 03/16/2009)

    Spot on, Kendall - This is right at the tip of the iceberg for people who don't get why Social Networks are so important, even if they aren't making money now. The point isn't whether or not some of them will make money - many will, and some will make a ton. The point resides within their reach and the influence that they can have - on influence.

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