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Sherry Orel

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CEO of Brand Connections, a recent acquisition of Advantage Solutions ( She is a seasoned leader with nearly 30 years of experience in marketing, media, promotions, shopper insights, retail activation and experiential marketing, working with consumer brands, entertainment properties and retail clients.

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  • Product Sampling Is The 'Anti-Promotion' in Marketing: CPG on 08/23/2017

    Marketers like to put things into buckets. Are you a digital or a social agency? Does this come out of the trade or the advertising budget? Is this an above- or below-the-line spend? It takes a lot of work to convince a decision-maker that you ARE an expert in a new discipline because once your company is in an industry bucket, it's difficult to get out.

  • The Next Frontier: The In-Store Shopping Experience in Marketing Daily on 08/26/2013

    As online shopping continues to increase, more and more consumers are content to shop while sitting on their couch, at their desk or at their kids' basketball game, so getting them off their perches and into the store has presented retailers with a largely overlooked venue for creativity -- the in-store environment.

  • Bullet-Proof Your Earned Media Campaign in Marketing Daily on 03/21/2013

    Earned media isn't always a good thing. It works when the right people -- your brand advocates and satisfied customers -- are engaged in the three R's: rating, reviewing and recommending your brand. With visions of sweet retweets dancing in our heads, brands must be exceptionally deliberate in how they provide a springboard to a digital conversation, for earned media to deliver on its promise.

  • Spring Break: Ignore At Your Own Risk  in Engage:Millennials on 11/20/2012

    Mention the words "spring break" to marketers, and many turn up their noses, conjuring images of girls gone wild and underage drinking. Don't let all the hype fool you. The overwhelming majority of these kids are acting responsibly and creating the memories of a lifetime. So catch them while you can, because once they hit their 20s, this group becomes more elusive than Mary-Kate and Ashley, until they settle down and become parents. By then, they've had plenty of time to pick a favorite shampoo, decide whether to become a Mac or a PC and buy a hybrid car.

  • Success Means More, More, More Mobile in Marketing: Causes on 12/19/2011

    In a down economy everyone has to make hard choices about how and where to spend their money. Recent studies show that a surprising priority for many is charitable giving. Americans love to give.

  • Measurement That Really Counts  in Marketing Daily on 08/24/2011

    Marketers have long used impressions to measure the value of a campaign, no matter the media; it's all measured the same.

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