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  • Lion King Resurrects Memories, Creates New Ones by JPHuber (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 09/27/2011)

    First off, your "more sense than just dollars" line is brilliant. I love this post because I can completely relate! Lion King is one of favorite movies, and as soon as I saw ads about its 3D revival, I knew I had to go see it. Unfortunately as you've said, it costs money and I'm a generically poor college student. The worst part is I don't have access to a 3D TV or anything, so the only way I would be able to experience it in the 3rd dimension is on the silver screen. As far as Disney goes, I applaud their efforts in bringing back adored classics in 3D. I know that they're in it for the money, but this is the kind of thing that I would throw my wallet at. I would MUCH rather watch a 3D release of Aladdin than Cars 4 (please make it stop!).

  • Facebook Grumbling by mary (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 09/22/2011)

    Grumbler here. I found the recent updates ugly and cluttered. Not only does the ticker look like "Yo dawg, I put a Facebook in yo Facebook," but it's designed to stay fixed in the same position on your screen even if you scroll down the page. I feel like it's chasing me! Also, don't get too used to Facebook as it is right now. The developers are going to release a timeline update in the near future. You can bet the grumbling will be louder than ever. All I know about the update is that Facebook will be very different.

  • The Mail may Fail by Ace (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 09/18/2011)

    Well said, Katie! I've just got mixed feelings about the whole thing. The USPS is hardly used anymore, yet hundreds of thousands of people depend on it for a pay check. I haven't thought about it until now, but what I find most saddening is how this situation represents the state of our country's economy. Excuse me while I go sulk in the corner.

  • A Product of NO Comparison by mary (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 09/15/2011)

    The Kindle is definitely on my list of "cool stuff that I want but I can't afford." I may have to ask for one for Christmas! :)

  • Arrrr, We Be Goin' on a Journey! by Ace (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 09/12/2011)

    I completely agree! As an edit to this article, the 20ish tweets under #journeysearch are under "top" tweets. Under "all," there are over 280 tweets total (via The Archivist). It's making a bigger buzz than I originally thought!

  • 9/11/01 - What if Twitter and Facebook had existed then? by JPHuber (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 09/12/2011)

    Great post! Ever since Twitter broke out the news about Bin Laden's death, I've asked myself the same question. We communicate in so many new ways that it's much easier to get in touch with others. Survivors could have immediately tweeted that they were fine and many of their loved ones would have been put at ease. At the same time, could you image all the Facebook profiles of the deceased or seeing their final tweets? It's a haunting thought.

  • QR Codes and iBooks by James (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 04/03/2011)

    I just learned about QR codes last semester. I also think that they're super exciting. The idea of joining a physical artifact with digital technology just sounds so cool. A QR code would give a poster another dimension—something that we couldn't do just five or so years ago. It's the future of advertising and much more. And I agree: they should be used on everything.

  • I don't know... just "Google" it! by jessie (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 03/23/2011)

    While it's interesting to observe, I wouldn't consider overregulation a bad thing. While it may make grammar prescriptivists cringe, it doesn't detract from meaning and I think that it makes communication simpler. People understand you if you tell them to Google something and it's quicker to say than "look it up on Google." I'm in a linguistic class right now and we've talked about how language is always changing. I think we're noticing a huge change right before our eyes.

  • Taking Self-Disciplinary Action by whitley (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 03/18/2011)

    Very interesting. I'm not sure if I'm as brave as you. I might last a week if I was lucky. I think that jotting your thoughts down in a journal would certainly do you some good. I know that I don't do that anymore; the Internet is a much easier place to do that. Let us all know how your journey ends up! :)

  • Super Bowl or Super Bull .... ? by justin (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 02/10/2011)

    This is coming from a huge football fan: the entire event was a disappointment to me. The game was not very exciting even considering that the team I was rooting against lost, Aguilera goofed, the Black Eyed Peas demonstrated how much production goes into their music, and last but not least: the commercials didn't do anything for anybody. As for your argument, I completely understand where you are coming from. None of those commercials created the slightest feeling that I should buy their product. Unlike this former Super Bowl commercial. This one sells products. I actually considered buying it once while I was shopping for bathroom supplies at the start of the semester. This is saying something as commercials don't usually sway me. Also, it's been almost a week since the game and I don't even remember half of the commercials that were aired...

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