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Matt Minoff

Member since December 2009Contact Matt

  • Chief Digital Officer Meredith Corporation
  • Twitter: mattminoff
  • 805 3rd Ave
  • New York New York
  • 10022 USA

Chief Digital Officer at Meredith Corporation

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  • What's Behind Shift Back To Pub Direct?  in Supply-Side Insider on 05/12/2017

    The rise of open programmatic exchanges promised to help advertisers and agencies gain operational efficiency, secure better pricing, and improve targeting, thereby increasing ROI. Amid concerns about quality and transparency, however, publishers are also starting to see many advertising partners shift budgets back to direct channels, either via private marketplace deals (PMP) or through directly reserved inventory. Why? In a word, access. Beyond the trust that comes from working directly with a publisher, marketers are also capitalizing on the areas that publishers can uniquely offer - important areas to consider when you have your next meeting with potential partners.

  • How Publishers Can Win In Video in Publishers Daily on 05/06/2016

    To build a successful video business today, publishers need to bring down the cost of content production and distribution to compete with platforms that disseminate content for free-and then monetize it effectively. No small feat.

  • Premium Video Is Quality Video in Video Insider on 10/28/2011

    Despite the rapid growth of online video consumption, advertiser demand for "premium" video inventory continues to outpace supply. Innovative brands and agencies are looking for new outlets where they can deploy their video budgets. To date, "premium" inventory has been defined predominantly as advertising placed before television programs online. While this surely constitutes a subset of premium inventory, another burgeoning outlet is that of social games,

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