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Dave Meeker

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Dave plays a multifaceted role as part of Isobar’s US management team as well as a key member of the Global team responsible for the overall direction and offering of Isobar in all its 45 markets across the world. He is also responsible for expanding Isobar’s innovation and emerging technology offering globally and works with Isobar’s regional market leaders to set a global innovation agenda. Meeker works to further Isobar’s global capabilities to support clients in the digital transformation journey. This includes managing Isobar’s innovation services practice as well as the company’s global initiative to catalyze innovation, The Isobar NowLab, which operates globally across 17 different facilities. Dave also orchestrates global emerging technology partnerships and academic relationships such as the company’s membership in the MIT Media Lab. Dave’s hybrid background spans business, design and technology and gives him the ability to offer unique perspectives to the complex challenges that clients face as they work to transform their businesses. Meeker has worked with clients such as, HBO, Tesla Motors, Viacom, Google and Facebook where he has led teams focused on creating disruptive digital products and services. Throughout the years, under Meeker’s direction, Isobar has been recognized as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in AR/VR and has been identified by Forrester as one of the 10 most significant Innovation Agencies. In 2018 Dave and his team were awarded the Cannes Lions Grand Prix for Digital Craft.

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  • 'Game Of Thrones,' 'Dexter' Piracy Cost Cablers Multimillions by Wayne Friedman (MediaDailyNews on 04/04/2013)

    Seems that the GoT content owners don't necessarily agree with you. Taking a page from the Matt Mason book, The Pirate's Dilemma, seems like embracing piracy to some degree might just create buzz. It IS a problem, but reflecting on other forms of past media piracy is probably worthwhile:

  • Consumers Wary Of Mobile Location Marketing by Mark Walsh (Online Media Daily on 12/03/2012)

    Direct mail may be seen as "trustworthy" because it is incapable of what technology brings mobile or web interactions. Sure, you can track responses once a customer commits, but there really isn't any comparison to the average impact/effectiveness of direct mail vs. a well put together digital effort. Not to mention, the fact that my 2 year old receives offers in the mail now that he has a frequent flier account is maddening. I can't tell you how many people I've heard complain about the volume of unsolicited mail that arrives at their homes, the majority of which gets tossed away. Not to be argumentative, but the reality is that smartphones are here to stay. Your comment about data plans is sort of moot considering a high volume of smartphone traffic is coming over private networks (wifi). I'd say that if you polled a generic sampling of consumers on which is more disruptive to them (direct mail vs. location-aware mobile ads), they'd throw that paper under the bus.

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