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Robyn Hannah

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A communications and PR executive, Robyn currently runs Global Communications for View, Inc. Robyn is maniacal about the San Francisco Giants, 80's rock, and is morally opposed to dressing down. She can be found at cocktail parties, relaying Bleacher Report news and quoting Jim Rome sound bites.

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  • Brands Missing Their Chance To 'Get' Us in Engage:Affluent on 01/23/2015

    I'm a die-hard Virgin America fan. I feel relegated to travel only to places where they fly. (It's basically just the edges of the country.)

  • Boomers Matter (More Than You Think) in Engage:Boomers on 12/15/2014

    One terrifying day in 2008, I got a Facebook friend request -- from my mom. I sat on it for a couple of weeks before I shook off the disbelief, and braced myself for the questions I knew would come over the years. (Highlights have included the Farmville fad, explaining retargeting, and every UI update.) Still, my illusion was shattered -- the one that said my mom and her Baby Boomer generation had a technology IQ that rested somewhere between NES and PC solitaire.

  • Want Second-Screen Engagement? Think Like A Viking in Marketing: Entertainment on 07/03/2014

    When entertainment marketers want to win online, they need to get aggressive... like a Viking.

  • How To Increase Loyalty With The Purse-string Holders Of Travel: Moms in Marketing: Travel on 09/03/2013

    According to Boston Consulting Group, women control the finances for approximately 73% of American households, and based on research from Working Mother magazine and Chase Card Services nearly 60% of working mothers manage and control their household expenses alone. Since travel budget is typically set aside as a savings expense out of the family budget, brands need to put moms on their short list for audiences with whom to engage and build loyalty.

  • When Money Is No Object, How Do You Entice Users To Take Action? in Engage:Affluent on 05/01/2013

    Offering incentives has proven be an effective motivator for attracting new customers and activating existing audiences who may be less than engaged. According to a study by Colloquy, participation in rewards and loyalty programs has risen by 19% since 2007. While many marketers are already on board with the idea that reward programs can influence behavior, incentive programs are often under-utilized when marketing to a more affluent consumer base.

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