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Amanda Hinkle

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  • Give Thanks To Your Customers -- Here's How in Email Insider on 11/21/2014

    eMarketer reports that 50% of Millennials (and 40% of all Internet users) feel that receiving recognition from a brand is an important loyalty program benefit. Expressing gratitude in your email messaging can turn a grumpy customer into a non-biased one, a blas customer into a delighted one, a delighted customer into an influencer and an influencer into an advocate.

  • In 2015, Automation Technologies Will Ease Path To Contextual in Email Insider on 10/23/2014

    Ready or not, here it comes. A wave of marketing that has been growing for years -- contextual marketing -- will reach new heights in 2015. If your organization does not have the ability to capture and leverage a significant amount of data for personalizing and "right-timing" your customer communications -- including data relevant to the current state of the customer (location, device, environment, past behaviors, etc.) -- you risk fatiguing your customers with non-relevant messaging and falling behind competitors who are doing it right.

  • Fall Is Time For Balance In Your Email Marketing Program in Email Insider on 09/25/2014

    Achieving balance does not necessarily mean that all elements are equal. It simply means that they are in the correct proportions. Building on this sentiment, let's consider how we can strike the right balance in our email marketing programs to drive engagement.

  • Embody Spirit Of Labor Day & Celebrate Your Email Accomplishments  in Email Insider on 08/28/2014

    Labor Day is right around the corner -- a holiday whose origins hark back to the Industrial Revolution of the late 1800s. This was a time when labor unions grew in popularity and leveraged their power to protest the unsafe working conditions and low wages forced upon many workers. At the time, President Grover Cleveland had a big challenge to address these issues. After failing to break up a railroad strike in 1894, he created Labor Day as a national holiday to officially celebrate the contributions and achievements of American workers. Thankfully, labor conditions have improved significantly since then. To embody the spirit of Labor Day, I encourage you to look back at what has changed in your email marketing and celebrate the accomplishments of your digital team and programs.

  • Investing In The NEW Information Superhighway in Email Insider on 07/31/2014

    Sophisticated systems have been developed to collect and process big data to make it digestible for analysts and marketers. The greater depth and speed of customer insight available through these new systems can turn today's novice email marketer into tomorrow's leader. Below are some tips for successfully navigating the big data lane to come out ahead on today's new information superhighway.

  • Gone Fishing in Email Insider on 07/03/2014

    With summer here, I'm looking forward to a favorite pastime shared with my father: fishing! I got to thinking about what's needed to make this fishing trip a success and chuckled at the similarities to how marketers approach an email marketing campaign. It seems like an apt time to have a little fun and use this fishing trip as an analogy (or shall we say methodology) for approaching your email marketing programs. So let's go fishing!

  • You've Got (Too Much) Mail in Email Insider on 05/22/2014

    Recently I asked someone, what would cause you to unsubscribe from your favorite brand's email? His response: receiving too many messages. While that isn't a surprising answer, it was interesting to note that he actually WAS interested in the content, but it came too frequently for his liking. It's important that messaging meets consumer expectations of frequency. Check out these tips to stave off that unsubscribe and keep consumers engaged with your messages.

  • Integrating Email And Social To Enhance Performance Of Both  in Email Insider on 05/08/2014

    As a marketing strategist, I am intrigued by how "The Voice" leverages digital marketing to generate excitement and boost audience participation. Social media plays a key role in the show, which is best exemplified by the "Instant Save."

  • This Spring, Use Voice of the Customer to Drive Brand Awareness in Email Insider on 04/10/2014

    Spring has sprung, and for those of us who suffered through the bitterly cold winter (shout out to our readers in the North) - it's time to come out of hibernation and get moving!

  • Is There A Future for Digital Marketing Within Wearables? in Email Insider on 03/13/2014

    Keep your eyes peeled, kids, a new screen is coming to town. While a bit down the road, 2015 may be the year that wearable technology marks a commanding presence, with products like Nike FuelBand, Google Glass and Samsung Galaxy Gear paving the way for more development within the wearables market. And where there's a screen, the digital marketer will come.

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