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Brian Wieser

Member since June 2007

  • EVP Interpublic/MAGNA
  • 100 West 33rd Street
  • New York New York
  • 10017 USA

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  • Insurrection's Impact On Media in MediaDailyNews on 01/09/2021

    Twitter's permanent suspension of @realDonaldTrump is an important and necessary action. Beyond limiting real damage to people and society, it will help to improve the platform for brands.

  • The Ad Industry's 'K-Shaped' Recovery in MediaDailyNews on 12/02/2020

    Despite a pace of economic decline that will produce the worst economy since the Great Depression, the ad market might end up falling by little more than we saw 2001. It will certainly be better than in 2008 during the fallout of the global financial crisis. And much like the overall economy, the advertising industry is experiencing a K-shaped recovery - the pandemic has seen rapid acceleration for e-commerce and advanced digital services and cratered industries like restaurants, bars, travel, entertainment and traditional retail.

  • Managing Through Crisis in MediaDailyNews on 04/07/2020

    With the apex of the spread of the coronavirus around the world still weeks away, marketers are facing highly uncertain times, here are four opportunities marketers can follow: (1) Revisit the manner in which budgets are set in order to optimize "forests" rather than "trees;" (2) Focus on contribution margins and generally review financial metrics used to judge success; (3) Always have a best alternative to a negotiated agreement; (4) Prioritize resources towards growth opportunities.

  • And Now, A Commercial Break in MediaPost Live on 06/17/2019

    Strong work, weak industry. With the Cannes Lions International Festivity of Creativity under way this week, many of the world's creative and media agencies will deservedly receive accolades. However, it will be difficult to not notice the contrast between the high quality of the work on display against the weak business conditions of the industry which produced it.

  • Digital Platforms In The Doghouse, Negligible Impact On Ad Budgets in Digital News Daily on 01/29/2018

    As long as there is no expectation of a negative brand impact from running ads on digital platforms and as long as near-term user or usage trends are not impacted by negative news, ad budget plans will not change in any meaningful way.

  • ANA Production Report: The Bottom Line in MediaDailyNews on 08/09/2017

    The most important takeaway for investors is that this study, like the media transparency report released in June of last year, could serve as a catalyst for advertisers to more aggressively scrutinize the contracts they have with their creative and production agencies. In some instances, it may even encourage marketers to develop or expand in-house studios, or otherwise oversee more of the bidding processes related to commercial production themselves, reducing agencies' roles in this process. Quantifying the impact is next-to-impossible, but presumably the general outcome will be incrementally greater fee pressure and slightly curtailed growth.

  • ANA Transparency Report Released: Negative For Agency Holding Companies in MAD on 06/07/2016

    With the release of a long-awaited report related to media transparency from K2 (commissioned by marketer trade group the ANA), we expect that marketers will be made much more wise about the ways media agencies generate revenue. As marketers become better informed, they will probably become more aggressive in their efforts to eliminate or curb many practices that agencies have pursued to generate revenues in the fast growing / high-margin media agency business.

  • Record Media Account Reviews: Fall Out From the Rebate Issue? in MAD on 05/26/2015

    An unprecedented number of major media agency accounts have gone up for review since much of the industry became aware of practices related to undisclosed agency compensation. On our count the reviews announced in the last eight weeks alone amounts to $13 billion in annual media spending. This approaches amounts that might be awarded in a typical full year, on our analysis of data from RECMA. As it is, the $25 billion of media agency accounts awarded and likely to be awarded before the year ends - only including accounts currently in review - is in record territory.

  • Suitor Speculation: Google? in Real-Time Daily on 05/01/2015

    This perspective has largely informed our view of how media and marketing are evolving, and is core to why we added the likes of Adobe and to our coverage universe. So when Bloomberg reported this week that is "working with financial advisers to help it field takeover offers after being approached by a potential acquirer" according to "people with knowledge of the matter," the company we initially assumed was behind the news was Google.

  • Google Fiber Ads Vs. Facebook Audiences in Real-Time Daily on 03/27/2015

    Separate news from Google, Facebook and this week highlight different approaches to advertising on different media. While the focus for television advertising will remain around brand-building among relatively broad audience, the Web will increasingly be about targeting new and existing customers using known first-party data whenever possible.

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