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Jeri Smith is CEO of Communicus, a research-based advertising consultancy that specializes in in-market multimedia advertising and IMC campaign evaluations for major advertisers. Having held the CEO position at Communicus for the past twenty years, she has been instrumental in the development and validation of the company’s methods for isolating the impact of new and emerging media. At Communicus, she provides research-based consulting, helping clients to achieve better understanding of how their marketing communications are working and identifying strategies that will produce better returns on their marketing communications investments. Her prior experience includes fifteen years at DDB, where she served as both Senior Vice President Director of Research Services and Executive Vice President for Strategic and Research Systems Development. At DDB, she led the development of the agency’s advertising and IMC strategy planning processes, facilitated the global rollout of these systems, and worked with both national and multinational clients on their advertising strategy development. Her work and points of view have been published frequently over the years, including: How Advertising Performs in a Social Media World, Ad Age Insights Special Report 2013; One Voice Marketing Communications: The Challenge of Integrated Communications, Lawrence Erlbaum Press 1995, Brand Equity for Marketing Leverage, Lawrence Erlbaum Press 1994, Planning for Integrated Communications, DDB Needham Worldwide 1991.

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