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David Forbes

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  • Founder and CEO Forbes Consulting Group
  • Lexington Massachusetts
  • 02421 USA

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  • The Internet Of Things: A Modern-day Version Of An Old Dilemma in Marketing Daily on 11/27/2015

    That dilemma revolves around feelings of control.

  • Why Is Clinton Offering Swag To College Kids? in Marketing Daily on 09/18/2015

    History has proven the difficulty of older people offering up lifestyle items to young people.

  • A Wearables Moment Or Momentum? in Marketing Daily on 06/30/2014

    The wearables market has exciting potential for consumers to shape the way we interact with computing devices, while making our lives easier, more productive, and help us achieve our goals.

  • ObamaCare's Missed Marketing Opportunity in Marketing: Health on 04/30/2014

    As the dust settles on the March 31 enrollment deadline of the Affordable Care Act, politicians and pundits are weighing in on the success (or failure) of the law after its first official milestone to get seven million sign-ups. No matter your opinion on the ambitious, controversial plan to reform our national health care system, we can all agree it's been a bumpy ride for the Obama administration, from Republican road-blocking through Congress to the PR disaster to "oopsie" insurance cancellations, and now Kathleen Sebelius' resignation. While the Obama Administration spent $700 million in marketing to convince the uninsured to click for coverage, perhaps some of that budget should have been spent marketing ObamaCare to its naysayers.

  • Mind Or Brain? No Contest in Marketing Daily on 03/10/2014

    We are at risk of losing the bigger picture: The pursuit of the more holistic, situational, and socially determined phenomena that populate the catalog of human behavior.

  • 6 Unexpected Research Trends For '14 in Marketing Daily on 01/24/2014

    One of the best things about working in market research is that we never know which trends will hit us when. Often they seem obvious: We all saw the smartphone onslaught coming, for example. But consumers are often equally affected by things blown in on a breeze from someplace unexpected, like the Vatican, a Beijing suburb or high school football.

  • Not All Attempts To Do Good Do Well in Marketing: Causes on 10/25/2013

    It's that time of the year when all the marketing world is awash in its usual sea of pink, it seems like a good time to ask why so much cause-related branding has so little emotional clout. No matter how well planned, breast-cancer pink (not to mention save-the-environment green or prostate-protecting blue) has often become invisible to cause-bombarded consumers.

  • Can JCPenney Use Back-to-School To Reclaim Its Safety Zone? in Marketing Daily on 09/09/2013

    In doing away with all sales, Penney took a giant step out of character. Too much change, made too quickly, I suspect, for a brand beloved for its predictability. For a 111-year-old brand like Penney, being mysterious isn't a good idea. It transformed the store from an emotional safety zone into a retail crapshoot.

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