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Ray Kingman

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  • CEO Semcasting
  • Andover Massachusetts
  • 01810 USA

Ray Kingman has been at Semcasting, Inc. since its inception, leading the company in the development and commercialization of its automated targeting and data offerings. As an experienced innovator in content management, analytics and data visualization fields, Ray directs the day-to-day operations of Semcasting, Inc. Before coming to Semcasting, Inc., Ray served as the CEO of LightSpeed Software, a content management solution built through the acquisition and integration of multiple providers in the search, analytics, content management, authoring and portal platform spaces. Prior to LightSpeed, Ray was the founder and president of a division of Thomson Reuters, where he focused on providing syndicated web content solutions to self-directed investors and retail brokerage firms. Ray Kingman was also the founder and president of DeltaPoint, Inc., a developer of analytics and data visualization products, and led the firm from its inception to its initial public offering.

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  • Sweeping Privacy Laws Are Here, But What Does Privacy Really Mean? in Marketing Insider on 07/02/2018

    At the heart of GDPR and California's Consumer Right to Privacy Act 2018 (a GDPR-like law that the state's voters will consider in November) is a simple and appropriate concept: consumers ought to have a say in how companies use their personal information. Although still somewhat vague, supposedly GDPR places the spotlight on consumer privacy by forcing action around consent.

  • Walled Gardens Are Back -- But Don't Expect A Bountiful Harvest in Digital News Daily on 10/06/2017

    Facebook and Google represent an advertising duopoly. In a sense, we've come full circle and returned to the early days of the commercial internet, when walled gardens like AOL and Yahoo were the main games in town. Of course, walls are "in" these days, as any political junkie or "Game of Thrones" fan can tell you. But, while walls are intended to bring consumers a sense of structure and security, critical issues such as ad fraud, viewability and fake news are far less transparent behind the walls.

  • Doctor Knows Best: Why Provider Data Should Drive Healthcare Marketing in Marketing: Health on 11/14/2016

    Healthcare and pharmaceutical marketers will spend nearly $2 billion on digital advertising this year, a 15% increase over 2015 spending. But while these advertisers are ramping up their testing of digital, little has changed in the way they approach the challenge of building a target audience.

  • The Necessity Of Location Politics  in Marketing: Politics on 11/10/2015

    Reflecting on the Ad-Tech show in New York, it was notable how many agencies, demand-side platforms and consultants were on the show floor peddling their expertise in Digital Political campaigning for the 2016 cycle. Clearly, all the "Inside the Cave" reporting and the subsequent onslaught of PR around digital politics has had an impact.

  • At The End Of The First Period: 158 Take The Lead in Marketing: Politics on 10/14/2015

    As the primary races move from summer into fall, the Federal Election Commission has released its report of donors to candidates running for president in 2016. To the surprise of no one, the largest donor commitments have been made by a relatively small number of businesses and families.

  • 'Corporations are People, Too'  in Marketing: Politics on 09/08/2015

    Four years ago in front of what the Washington Post reported as a testy crowd at the Iowa State Fair, Mitt Romney responded to a call for increasing corporate taxes with the claim that "corporations are people, too, my friend." One of several tough exchanges for the Republican candidate over the course of his campaign, but one that, in spite of this "low light" moment, may hold a hidden truth that could help improve the execution of campaigns in the coming 2016 cycle.

  • Political Tailgating  in Marketing: Politics on 08/11/2015

    Like tailgating at a college football game, the pre-primary crowds of presidential politics are small, but the energy level among true believers is off the charts. Positioning on issues doesn't matter. Substantive policy solutions don't matter. The closest thing to a qualitative review is counting "likes" on Facebook and selectively embracing whichever one of the ten national polls confirms the popularity of your favorite candidate.

  • It's Political Branding Season in Marketing: Politics on 07/14/2015

    The presidential primary season has entered its post-announcement phase with more flights and hotel rooms booked into Iowa and New Hampshire than at any time since July 2011. The field of candidates is even more crowded than expected.

  • Notice Me ... in Marketing: Politics on 06/09/2015

    It's approaching summer vacation time. While we are getting ready by stocking our coolers and tossing beach chairs into the back of our SUVs, a few politicians are starting to wake up to the fact that it's nearly crunch time. This is especially true among the 19 or so hopefuls seeking relevancy in the Republican Party. The home team media outlet has already drawn a line in the sand to cut the field to ten for the debates. Candidates understand that there are only eight months until the first primaries, and the challenge for too many of them is finding a way to get noticed.

  • Next Up: Event Targeting In Politics in Marketing: Politics on 05/12/2015

    Candidates for public office love events. Country fairs, town halls, campus visits, and, of course, political conventions. In the old days of politics (before 2008) candidates and their surrogates would even stand on street corners at busy intersections with a fist full of flyers. They mucked up traffic for 30 seconds madly dashing from car to car distributing their pledges as we anxiously waited for the light to change.

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  • New Apache 'Patch' Nixes Microsoft's Do-Not-Track Setting by Wendy Davis (Online Media Daily on 09/07/2012)

    Isn't a baseline tenant of the IAB Privacy policy "CONSUMERS SHOULD BE INFORMED OF THEIR CHOICES REGARDING INTERACTIVE ADVERTISING AND EMPOWERED TO EXERCISE THOSE CHOICES"? One hopes that this tactical move to disarm the IE 10 default will be reviewed carefully by Corporate stakeholders prior to distribution. This patch for Apache is just more PR gymnastics in order to protect behavioral targeting and maintain industry status quo. More to come I'm sure, but IMO some of this energy would be better spent on a more elegant solution that actually moves the online ad industry forward. Simple math says the future of behavioral targeting is bound to be limited. More blocking and duplication of cookies limits coverage of unique users to 30% or less already. Local and SMB campaigns can have less than 10% coverage. We need to innovate and stop fine tuning this leaking plumbing. New targeting technologies like IP Zones give us 100% reach, multi-variant targeting and double-blind, completely safe, audiences with no use, application, or dependency on cookies.:

  • Google Shifts Data Focus From Retargeting To Remarketing, Targets 3rd-Party Data by Laurie Sullivan (Online Media Daily on 07/27/2012)

    Good insight into the issues with data accuracy. Especially relevant is the comment regarding HH level data versus individual. Ultimately we want to provide insight on the drivers of consumer transactions – bemoaning the accuracy of gender on who is using a device is secondary to can they afford it and are they in-the-market. At a HH level this can be done accurately online using other methods than trying to imprint cookies with a precise intelligence that will only have limited reach anyways. There is an alternative that doesn’t rattle the FTC =

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