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Paul Bremer

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  • Chief Revenue Officer Rhythm NewMedia
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  • Avoiding The Super Bowl Stunt Factor  in Video Insider on 01/29/2015

    For the ad industry, the planning period leading up to the Super Bowl is an exciting time -- practically a showroom for creativity, ad technology and innovation So, with Super Bowl XLIX upon us and vastly improved mobile video ad tech and cross-screen options at our fingertips, we may be tempted to push the envelope as we strive to delight the consumer. We might be wise to remember that excessive tech innovation may go overboard, leading us to forget what makes for quality consumer experience and thus coming across as nothing more than a stunt.

  • What We Can Expect For In-stream Mobile Video In 2015 in Video Insider on 12/26/2014

    Since its entry to the ecosystem, by the sheer quantity (and quality) of consumer experiences, live-streaming video has captured the fascinated attention of both publishers and advertisers. Specifically, live streaming on mobile devices has already opened up millions more impressions over the past couple years, and is beginning to transform the way we watch sports, music and live events. The demand is there. So, with our eyes on adoption and with more superior ad tech now in hand, I believe 2015 is the year that this opportunity will significantly mature.

  • This is Black Friday On Mobile in Video Insider on 12/01/2014

    Over the past few peak shopping seasons, we have seen mobile play an increasingly stronger role in the commerce chain. Due to mobile's accessibility, this medium plays a crucial role in all three distinct purchase paths: researching before buying online, driving consumers to stores, and purchasing directly through mCommerce. Even when shoppers do not complete a purchase on the go and instead turn to the computer to make a final purchase, the mobile device still plays a critical role in the purchase funnel.

  • The Always Engaging Consumer And The Good Old Funnel in Video Insider on 10/27/2014

    As consumers are spending more time with media than ever before, they are becoming device- and platform-agnostic. They pivot and traverse freely as they navigate their day, using whatever device is available and right for the moment's mindset. This new device dexterity has real implications for media planning that extend beyond diversifying budgetary allocations and media mix.

  • Hold the Debate Over In-App Vs. Mobile Web Video in Video Insider on 09/30/2014

    Say what you will about user interface, but as we consider the experience of in-app vs. mobile Web video, current consumer attention is on the apps. The app-happy world is where today's mobile consumers are engaged and spending most of their time, making it the perfect medium to host video. Recent reports by Flurry suggest that as much of 86% of time spent on mobile devices is spent inside the application rather than roaming the mobile Meb. Yet, a strategy that includes both in-app and mobile Web video advertising is crucial for achieving scale and engagement.

  • Unleashing The Mobile Shopper in Video Insider on 08/05/2014

    As data continues to demonstrate that the path to purchase increasingly runs through smartphones and tablets, how do we optimize visuals, message and conversion mechanics within mobile video to make the environment ultra-shoppable? The challenge is using compelling creative formats to enable the purchase-inclined consumer to take action with a seamless user interface.

  • Growth Trends & The Rising Influence Of Screen Agnosticism in Video Insider on 07/15/2014

    By all accounts, mobile video is a distinct opportunity and will remain one. But as consumers become screen-agnostic, advertisers must think similarly. What we understand about mobile video growth quickly becomes less the point than what we understand about video as a whole. We need to study what is driving growth and the kind of change we can we expect, so that we can build video-driven businesses that thrive across screens.

  • Apples-to-Apples Measurement Will Unlock Cross-screen Investment in Video Insider on 06/12/2014

    Cross-screen marketing has officially become an imperative method for efficiently reaching the target audience -- it's on the plan. But parity in measurement across screens continues to be somewhat of a hurdle to fully opening the opportunity. With the growing adoption of the IAB's Video Player Ad-Serving Interface Definition (VPAID), the door to uniform cross-screen measurement will be unlocked, giving marketers a familiar language with which to understand similarities and differences in the ways consumers engage with ads from platform to platform. This measure allows advertisers to efficiently evaluate and optimize campaigns across the board.

  • TV Isn't Dead-- In Fact, It's Everywhere  in Video Insider on 05/13/2014

    Think about all the different ways consumers access video content today. There are so many great content channels and everything happens instantaneously. Compared to even a year ago, the ease of access is exponential, as are the methods and mechanisms for the discovery of new content. But ubiquitous video doesn't mean that people are fleeing comfort and familiarity.

  • Publishers And The Cross-screen Conundrum in Video Insider on 04/15/2014

    One of the hottest topics in media today is cross-screen advertising. While the technical capabilities are somewhat nascent, the concept is receiving tremendous attention from marketers, who are challenging agencies to take advantage of the immediate opportunity. But what about the publisher perspective? For publishers, cross-screen means considering things like monetization, content distribution, measurement, and form factor, and then determining how each is affected by screen proliferation. I've attempted to outline a few considerations for publishers, so that they can enter carefully but confidently into the other side of the cross-screen equation.

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