The Always Engaging Consumer And The Good Old Funnel

As consumers are spending more time with media than ever before, they are becoming device- and platform-agnostic. They pivot and traverse freely as they navigate their day, using whatever device is available and right for the moment’s mindset. This new device dexterity has real implications for media planning that extend beyond diversifying budgetary allocations and media mix.

Slotted as line items on a media plan spreadsheet, advertisers used to have separate budgets for each media type, but now an advertiser’s focus is reaching consumers across screens with brand consistency and attention to detail in order to drive engagement. There’s not a single best way to market in this new environment, because, it depends on the type of media session the consumer is having.  However, there are a few distinct video viewing habits that should be considered.

Hopefully, we all agree that video is a powerful medium for visual storytelling.  This common awareness gives us a clearer path to how we might work across devices.  Through technology, we now have the means to thread a story across touch and engagement points. There are several ways to think about video execution, as we work it into today’s cross-screen program.

1.     Adaptive screen: Creative and messaging is consistent across screens, as device attributes are taken into consideration and video format adaptations render seamlessly.  Allowing for the kind of consistency consumers crave, this approach is great for building brand awareness. Using all media at this entry point of the funnel is ideal in order to achieve the scale, reach, and frequency that brands need.  Creative costs are also a consideration here because marketers can launch virtually the same video creative on multiple platforms.

2.     Multiscreen: These are campaigns that feature creative unique to the screen and designed to take advantage of the utility that each screen offers.  The consumer’s mindset is active, so it’s great for building awareness and driving consideration. Brands want actions, thus making smartphones and tablet devices ideal due to their tactile and engaging nature.  Primary and secondary targets can both be reached using smart creative.  Imagine Moms getting one message on phones and kids getting a reinforcement message on tablets.

3.     Cross-screen: Fosters the ability to drive customer conversion by focusing on the individual and the power of sequential messaging. Unlike the other two strategies that focus on the device, cross-screen works horizontally with the consumer’s movements.  Sequencing ads can take advantage of the unique utility each device and drive the consumer to action. Mobile and tablet devices are best, since they are targetable and the most engaging medium.  Frequency control across devices promises less waste in the campaign. 

Tune in to Consumer Mindset

With people actively engaged in content -- particularly video content -- on many devices, we’re increasingly attuned to their prevailing mindset. It’s now hard to imagine marketing without mindset as a major consideration.

Typically, in the morning, consumers look for quick-hit, easily accessible content, which they consume on their mobile devices on their way to work.  While at work, consumers often use their desktops as the primary medium to view video content. At night, consumers use multiple media, often simultaneously, as each family member unwinds at home.

The key to reaching consumers across multiple screens is to make sure video creative is complementary and tells a story that engages the viewer. To capitalize on the recent cross-screen craze means to add value through each medium.  Careful consideration of mindset and deployment of a variety of creative executions will help marketers begin to influence their audience down the path from awareness, all the way to purchase, within the same campaign.
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