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Richard Jalichandra

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  • Technology And The Media Planner in Programmatic Insider on 09/15/2014

    Like many publishers, agencies are burdened by the sky-high procedural cost of buying and selling digital media. We thought RTB could be a solution, but both sides rely on the predictability and the guarantees afford by reserved media sales. We're now seeing that it's a different type of automated media buying that's going to become increasingly important for media organizations.

  • Programmatic Is Ready To Deliver What Brand Marketers Want  in Programmatic Insider on 08/25/2014

    A recent op-ed asked the following question: After reading reports that "Procter & Gamble plans to buy 70-75% of its U.S. digital media using programmatic ad tech by the end of this year, I couldn't help but wonder: Is this a good way for the largest advertiser in the U.S. to spend a nearly $2 billion budget?" My reaction to Proctor & Gamble's announcement was, well, the exact opposite. It won't happen overnight, to be sure, but the tides are changing. Slowly but surely, digital budgets are being automated.

  • How Planning Problems Are Hindering Cross-Channel Campaigns  in Audience Buying Insider on 07/23/2014

    Kleiner Perkins's Mary Meeker recently released her annual Internet trends report, and of the many emerging behaviors described, there's one that brands have already taken note of: cross-device consumption. We expect that this behavior will only continue to grow and in doing so, will open up a whole world of interesting possibilities for advertisers. In fact, many have already attempted to leverage those with holistic new cross-channel campaigns. It sounds great, but so far things aren't turning out as planned.

  • TV Isn't Like RTB -- But That Doesn't Mean It Isn't Evolving in Audience Buying Insider on 06/06/2014

    The promises of digital were faster execution, more accurate measurement, and more robust targeting than TV had ever seen, And yet, TV is still where the budgets are. No matter how many strides digital has made, TV is still king. TV can learn from digital, but those lessons aren't to be found in the RTB world, which is where most of us have been looking. Before TV can realize its programmatic future, digital needs to.

  • Who's Afraid of Programmatic Selling? in Real-Time Daily on 04/11/2014

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