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  • Getting Creative With First-Party Data in Digital News Daily on 06/28/2017

  • Does Programmatic Make Sense For Travel Marketers? in Marketing: Travel on 03/13/2017

    In the last few years, there has been a lot of discussion around "programmatic" or "advanced" TV advertising. Lots of companies are coming to market with the promise to make TV advertising more efficient. But for those not steeped in the tech world, it can be a confusing landscape to navigate. You may be asking, "What exactly is programmatic TV and does it make sense for me as a travel company?"

  • Measuring Success From The Big Screen in Marketing: Travel on 02/14/2017

    Whether it's a multimillion-dollar national ad campaign or a few weeks on local cable, TV is a huge piece of many travel marketers' advertising strategy. In either case, it isn't cheap. And knowing that, we should be asking, is it effective?

  • Technology: Bringing True Efficiency To Travel Marketing in Marketing: Travel on 12/12/2016

    Travel marketers big and small now live in a golden age of tools for reaching the right customer with the right message for driving results-whether that be hotel bookings, cruise sales, ticket sales or on-location visits.

  • The Power Of Video: 4 Examples Of Sight, Sound, Motion And Data  in Marketing: Travel on 11/14/2016

    For decades, travel advertising efficiency was based almost exclusively on creative content. Over time, technology came into the fold and brought with it solutions for consumer targeting, ad delivery and results measurement. Today, creative and technology work together harmoniously to drive overall brand goals.

  • Top Down: Strategic Data Targeting For The Entire Funnel in Marketing: Travel on 10/10/2016

    Last month in my Data 101 article, I discussed myriad data targeting tools available to travel marketers. This month, let's take a deeper dive into the different use cases for strategically applying that data throughout the marketing process.

  • Don't Miss The Boat: Data 101 in Marketing: Travel on 09/15/2016

    As a travel marketer, there are myriad ways you can spend budgets to sell rooms, cruises, vacation packages, and everything in between. Unfortunately, you don't always know who likes what, why they would be interested in your product, or even if they're even in the market to buy.

  • Hey, Travel Marketers, Here's the Story ... in Engage:Affluent on 08/17/2016

    According to the US Travel Association, direct spending on leisure travel by domestic and international travelers totaled $650.8 billion in 2015. Yet, even with this huge market, leisure travel is still just that-leisure. Put another way, people have to buy food, medicine and hygiene products-they don't have to buy a Caribbean vacation. This 'need vs. want' dynamic makes advertising crucial to the success of leisure travel companies. Marketers need to grab the imagination and emotion of perspective customers. And, in this realm, successful advertising most frequently comes in the form of great storytelling that paints a picture of an experience.

  • Hey, Travel Marketers, Here's the Story...  in Marketing: Travel on 08/08/2016

    Leisure travel is still just that-leisure. People have to buy food, medicine and hygiene products-they don't have to buy a Caribbean vacation. The way to reach them is with a great story that spans across screens.

  • 5 Best Practices In A Converging World Of Screens in Marketing: Travel on 07/11/2016

    While Americans are busy planning their summer vacations, travel marketers are busy looking for new ways to reach them with the draw of sight, sound and motion. Palm trees swaying in ocean breezes, children splashing in water, tanned couples running on the beach, a tall icy beverage-these are the images that have been used to court would-be vacationers for decades.

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