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Joshua Engroff

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  • Great Artists Steal: The Promise Of Creative AI  in AI Insider on 06/22/2017

    One particularly arresting moment in William Gibson's cyberpunk classic, Neuromancer, occurs toward the end when Case, the protagonist, meets the eponymous and anthropomorphized AI face-to-face.

  • Future Sounds: Music's Evolving Role In Advertising in Media Insider on 06/02/2017

    Of all the art forms, few have the power to stir strong emotions as music. And few have had such an easy and fruitful relationship with advertising.

  • Radical Transparency In Politics And Media in Online Spin on 05/19/2017

    In medieval Latin, the word "transparency" means "shining through," and in most modern contexts the word has a positive connotation, even in negative situations. The wafer-thin intellect of a President, for example, by letting the light shine right through, reveals neither the madcap stratagems of a next-gen Richard Nixon, nor the hard outlines of a consistently pro-business ideology, but a vast and vacillating willfulness. Transparency is topical not only in the political sphere, but also within the media business. As in politics, for media agencies, transparency is connected to alignment, to the responsibility of an appointed party (the agency) to always act in the best interests of the party it represents (the client).

  • Exploding Old Contexts With AI in Online Spin on 05/05/2017

    According to IBM, we produce 2.5 exabytes of data each day. This is equivalent to 250,000 Libraries of Congress or 90 years of HD video - each day. This data exhaust results from our continual digital interactions, whether explicit - such as typing a search into Google - or implicit, like the location signals we give off as we move through the world with our smartphones.

  • On Sarin And Cyberwar in Online Spin on 04/07/2017

    The events this week provided a condensed view of the past, present and future of weapons technology. Assad's attack on Tuesday used sarin gas, an old technology dating from 1938 (but no less horrible for being old). The U.S. response on Thursday used Tomahawk missiles, a tech dating from the 1970s. And the most instructive glimpse of what the future will hold came in the form of the (intended or unintended) symbolism of the timing of the U.S. announcement: right after President Trump's dinner with Chinese president Xi Jinping.

  • The Ultimate Empathy Machine: VR And Social in Online Spin on 03/10/2017

    A common critique of VR is that it is will make us even more antisocial than we already are. But there are powerful counter-arguments against this. Chris Milk, probably the most accomplished film maker working in VR today, has called VR the "ultimate empathy machine." Experienced in VR, his movie "Clouds Over Sidra," about a 12-year-old Syrian girl living in a Jordanian refugee camp, carries an emotional power that is hard describe. The viewer does not watch the movie as much as experience it as a participant, with all distance between viewer and subject removed. That effect is impossible with 2D film.

  • Highways Jammed With Broken Heroes in Online Spin on 02/24/2017

    The American romance with the automobile is the stuff of legend. Seldom has a product of mechanical engineering been as obsessed over by pop culture as the car. Just peek inside that 100-year almanac of American desires, hopes and fears known as The Movies and you'll see the wide range of protagonists it plays: friend ("The Love Bug,") enemy ("Christine"), accomplice ("Bonnie and Clyde," "Drive)", freedom fighter ("Mad Max"), outlaw, ("Smokey and the Bandit"), sarcophagus ("The Godfather), time machine ("Back to The Future") and sexual aid (every James Bond film).

  • VR's Distribution Problem in Online Spin on 02/10/2017

    The Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, and Sony Playstation VR are separate systems with their own specs, and there is no guarantee that applications and content developed for one platform will run on another. Not to mention AR platforms like Magic Leap and Microsoft HoloLens. This creates a major distribution challenge for VR app developers, and content creators, and brands seeking marketing opportunities within these new experiences.

  • To Zero and Back Again: The Coming Revolution In AI in Online Spin on 01/27/2017

    There are strong indications that the next technological revolution will be artificial intelligence. For decades, AI has been a sci-fi dream, but core developments in several complementary areas are now colliding to make AI a reality.

  • Advertising's Walking Dead, Or: Toward a New Marketing Stack in Online Spin on 12/29/2016

    The big new thing often starts out being dismissed as a toy. Facebook, Snapchat, virtual reality, bots, emoji, messaging -- what marketer took them seriously at the beginning? What marketer dares to ignore them now? Somewhere back in time, any marketer could have seized the moment, but many rode past it on a wagon train of legacy models and old thinking. As a result, media channels today are clogged with advertising's walking dead -- static banners, 30-second spots that bury the lede, you know the ones -- that consumers either ignore or kill. The new marketing stack is predicated on user-centric modes of communication and commerce, and it looks something like this:

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