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Robi Ganguly

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Robi Ganguly is CEO and cofounder at Apptentive, the leading enterprise SaaS platform for mobile customer communications. The company's in-app messages, surveys, and intelligent rating prompts empower brands to build meaningful relationships with their customers. Integrated into thousands of mobile apps including AllRecipes, Concur, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Nordstrom, and Urbanspoon, Apptentive's software makes it easy for any company with a mobile app to boost app store ratings, drive downloads, and earn customer loyalty. Prior to Apptentive, Robi built one of the industry’s first SaaS pricing strategies at WebEx, created the Supply Management practice at Yahoo, and advised global CPG brands on digital communication strategies. He attended Pomona College, graduating with a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

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  • Patients, Not Users: Humanizing The Mobile Health Movement in Marketing: Health on 06/03/2015

    As mobile technology and healthcare continue to evolve, people are increasingly turning to the devices in their pocket to provide everything from calorie counting to glucose monitoring. According to Digitas' mBook Report, 90% of patients say they would use an app "prescribed" by their doctor (even though only 66% would fill a medical prescription), and a report by Grand View Research, Inc. says the global market for Mobile Healthcare (mHealth) applications is projected to exceed $42 billion by 2020.

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  • Patients, Not Users: Humanizing The Mobile Health Movement by Robi Ganguly (Marketing: Health on 06/03/2015)

    Hi Paula, thanks for the comment and sharing your thoughts. You're right, security and privacy are large concerns. Companies who take them seriously and listen to their customers, enabling a dialog around these issues as we move forward, will clearly do the best job and be the most trustworthy. 

  • Mobile Notifications Pretty Much OK for 73% of Consumers by Chuck Martin (MobileShopTalk on 07/24/2014)

    While the general point of this is absolutely true (marketers must deliver relevant and personal communication), the headline is a bit off. The data around opt-ins to push notifications stand in stark contrast to the survey data. If you talk with the leading push platforms, they'll tell you that ~45% of consumers opt in to push today and that's on the decline. So, while most customers might say they're open to it, their actions are demonstrating that it's tough to even get half of your audience to want to hear from you via push.

  • For Brands, Apps Are A Big Bust by Sarah Mahoney (Marketing Daily on 05/19/2014)

    Neil is spot on - the fact of the matter is that the phone is the most intimate device customers own. Just because we're in the early days of creating mobile apps and it's proving to be challenging for some brands doesn't mean this isn't a great avenue for direct to consumer connection. In fact, the companies that are constantly investing in figuring this medium out are the ones making meaningful progress. It's similar to the early days of the web. Furthermore, companies who view their mobile apps as connection channels to have truly 1:1 relationships are winning in a massive way, by actually being able to re-engage through in-app messaging, do research through surveys and really connect in a human manner. We've found that ratings and reviews are useful indicators of the traction and connection brands are making and actually released our "Love Score" around this concept a bit ago to help brands better understand how they're doing: as well as how to improve their adoption.

  • Take A Good Look At How You Measure Loyalty - Are You Missing The Point? by D. Daniel Ziv (MarketingTools: CRM on 10/29/2013)

    This is great advice for every organization. Another piece of the puzzle to think about is that in addition to being bombarded with multiple requests, consumers are increasingly glued to their mobile devices. What are companies doing to utilize this amazingly personal channel to connect and better listen to their customers? On mobile devices, consumers spend a large amount of time connecting and conversing with their friends - the opportunity to do so with companies is enormous. Companies that embrace this viewpoint and move to mobile fast will take an inordinate amount of consumer mindshare.

  • Consumers Expect More Mobile Customer Service by Chuck Martin (MobileShopTalk on 10/23/2013)

    "The easy answer to a negative consumer experience is for them simply to shop elsewhere" - this is absolutely right on. Consumer expectations continue to rise and in general, we expect the companies we deal with to listen and emphasize giving us a great experience. The mobile environment is inherently personal - each of us carries the devices with us every day. As a result, we expect companies to be more personal and mobile and companies who don't take the steps to deliver that kind of connection look like they don't care.

  • Keep The Customer Notified: Urban Airship Adds In-App Messages by Steve Smith (MoBlog on 07/10/2013)

    "I would like to see apps use their messaging capabilities to establish channels of communication with the user. Apps should reflect the ethos of the device and person-to-person contact, not embody the broadcasting model of media from the last century." Steve, I couldn't agree more, this is spot on. The broadcast model continues to dominate the space, but we're seeing massive amounts of engagement driven by true conversation tools. From the outset, my company, Apptentive ( has been maniacally focused on the conversations we can enable between app publishers and their customers. It's a wonderful upgrade to the customer experience and the publishers who are customer obsessed get to really highlight how much more they care about the customer.

  • Using Mobile to Help Consumers Buy In-Store by Chuck Martin (MobileShopTalk on 06/07/2013)

    Chuck, this is a fantastic line of thinking. There is a lot of room for innovation around taking mobile into a place where the purchase process is more personal and tailored to the consumers' needs. Being able to look someone in the eye, help them get what they want and to reassure them about their purchasing decisions is a uniquely offline opportunity and I'd love to see retailers doing more to emphasize this, rather than competing purely on price and diminishing service in the process.

  • The Return Of The Son Of The Mary Meeker Mobile Monster Deck by Steve Smith (Mobile Insider on 05/30/2013)

    "If there is an overall theme to Meeker’s presentation this year, it is that the most powerful and interesting flow of data and content over the next decade will be coming from users and their mobile phones as opposed to going to the phones. In other words, the most fascinating and perhaps lucrative media is now coming from the masses rather than going to them." - YES. This is absolutely spot on. Great take Steve. Also, you can find the presentation here:

  • Even Marketers Make Mistakes Designing Mobile Apps by Laurie Sullivan (Around the Net in Search Marketing on 04/03/2013)

    Thanks for sharing the post Laurie! Yes, several of the mistakes are pretty obvious, but we're finding that so many marketers are just starting to approach mobile that beginning with the basics is really helpful. The in-app communication investment is definitely a more mature step in the process and something that we're finding really takes marketers' mobile game to the next level.

  • Apps, Reviews & Mobile Strategy by Chuck Martin (MobileShopTalk on 03/01/2013)

    Fantastic, thanks Chuck!

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