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Brian Shin

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Brian Shin is the Founder and CEO of Visible Measures, the leading provider of video content marketing platforms measurement and analytics tools to Fortune 500 brands and agencies.

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  • The Success Of The Social-Case-Study Creative in Video Insider on 12/13/2016

    We've found that the combination of a documentary-style approach with creative storytelling aiming to address social issues relevant to the brand's audience ultimately drives high viewership and social sharing. But what is the appeal of this format, and is it a sustainable method that will continue to capture viewer attention?

  • Humor, Dancing, Celebrities Dominate Back-to-School Ads in Video Insider on 09/26/2016

    Back-to-school video ads this summer collectively generated more than 133 million online views, and when broken down by creative appeal, humorous appeals generated the most views (more than 52 million).

  • What Rio Means For Branded Video Ads in Video Insider on 08/09/2016

    The world's largest sporting spectacle is upon us, and digital video advertisers are looking forward to seeing the rewards of the video ad campaigns they have been preparing for the last few months. Rightfully so. Due to the growing audience for online video, the 2016 Summer Olympics is on track to be the biggest Olympics for digital video advertising yet.

  • What's The Best Time Of Year To Release Video Campaigns? in Video Insider on 06/01/2016

    Many factors influence the decision of when to release a new online video ad campaign and the type of media schedule to use when promoting it. A brand's goals, budget, industry, competitors, and the current state of the online video environment should all influence the strategy. Here are some tips on scheduling campaigns:

  • Is March Madness The New Super Bowl? in Video Insider on 04/13/2016

    TV ad spend on basketball's March Madness is second only to football's postseason numbers. A 30-second spot in the 2015 NCAA Championship game averaged $1.56 million, according to data from Kantar Media, compared to $4.4 million for a 30-second Super Bowl spot. So the question becomes: Can marketers get more bang for their buck with March Madness campaigns? And do they even need to spend on TV to make the most of March Madness?

  • What Drives Creation Of User-Generated Content? in Video Insider on 03/07/2016

    What is it about one video that inspires a ton of spin-offs, while another gets none? We looked at the branded video campaigns from 2015 with the most user-generated content to pick out common themes and uncover what makes people engage with an ad in this way.

  • Facebook Was Game-Changer For 2015 Branded Video Campaigns in Video Insider on 01/27/2016

    2015 was a great year for online branded video, with huge viewership growth aided by Facebook's emergence as a major video platform for brands. All branded videos tracked had a combined total of over 22 billion views - an 88% increase from 2014's 12 billion views.

  • John Lewis' Chart-Topping Holiday Hits in Video Insider on 11/12/2015

    With last year's holiday spending hitting $602 billion, retailers need to be ahead of the game when it comes to marketing and advertising. One retailer in particular, UK-based department store John Lewis, has been topping the list of online video campaigns year over year. So it comes as no surprise that we're already seeing success for its much anticipated 2015 campaign, "#ManOnTheMoon."

  • How Facebook Can Shine In Digital Video in Video Insider on 09/28/2015

    Everyone's been talking about Facebook challenging YouTube in the digital video space - but Facebook still has a lot of catching up to do. With over one billion viewers worldwide, YouTube still reigns as the digital video champion. We've found five key areas that Facebook must improve to best the reigning champion:

  • Music & Charitable Giving Key to Back-to-School Success For Old Navy, Target in Video Insider on 09/04/2015

    A notoriously difficult season to catch consumers' attention, back-to-school is a crucial time of the year for retailers to increase sales in an overcrowded space. In order to be successful, brands need to create campaigns that rise above the noise. This is where Old Navy and Target set themselves apart. By creating campaigns that closely resemble music videos with catchy tunes, they successfully captured the attention of their target market.

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