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Mike Caprio

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Senior global executive with over 20 years of leadership experience in enterprises ranging from $10M to over $500M. Established and maintained a strong portfolio of building and growing businesses, teams, and programs to achieve maximum revenue and profit results. As a Chief Growth Officer, Divisional President, SVP, EVP, and VP, created the overarching vision for success, then implemented specific, detailed strategies on a domestic and global scale that ensured its fulfillment. In his current position as President & COO of media technology holding company MediaLab in Santa Monica, Mike oversees a growing collection of social media, messaging, and digital music assets monetized through their owned and operated programmatic platform, Assembly Exchange and through direct partnerships with agencies and brands. Mike Caprio currently lives in the Greater Los Angeles area.

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  • Finding Brand Safety In An Unsafe World in MediaDailyNews on 03/31/2017

    Marketers that assumed brand safety was assured for the digital advertising they purchased on Google were suddenly shocked when they found it published alongside content they deemed unsavory. If you are a brand or an agency and want to avoid being embarrassed or worse, fired, make sure you have adequate protections in place around programmatic.

  • Facebook's Abandonment Of Multichannel DSP Raises More Questions in Real-Time Daily on 03/11/2016

    Like most people in our space, I was surprised to see Facebook's ad-tech chief Dave Jakubowski announce the end of plans to launch a Facebook multichannel DSP powered by Atlas. So what went wrong?

  • In Programmatic Advertising, Technology Is A Tool, Not A Strategy in Real-Time Daily on 01/28/2016

    Programmatic is a framework that allows technology to help buyers access audiences, and for publishers to easily and efficiently monetize these audiences. It's a tactic, not a strategy. The strategy should illustrate how that framework can be used to deliver advertising experiences where consumers actually see value. Marketers should be emphasizing better creative and the infusion of audience data to deliver more personalized ad experiences that drive engagement, and ultimately drive performance. Technology makes that possible at scale.

  • Are Walled Gardens Harming Opportunities For Brands? in MediaDailyNews on 11/17/2015

    There are good business reasons for digital powerhouses like Google and Facebook to implement a protectionist strategy. If they control access to audiences and the data to best target them, they can control the spend. The question is whether this is good for the ecosystem at large, particularly for the group affected most by this closed data system: brands.

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  • Finding Brand Safety In An Unsafe World by Mike Caprio (MediaDailyNews on 03/31/2017)

    Ed-I absolutely agree. Brand Safety is something that should be a part of your agreement with your publishers. However, in a programmatic world the sheer volume of impressions and pages make this impossible to manage (for both sides). Tools like Peer39 are designed to protect against embarrassing or brand damaging association with certain content.  And at the end of the end the day each brand should be able to choose whether they want this independent protection or not. 

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