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Evan Barocas

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  • Deterministic Data: Powerful Tool For Predicting User Behavior in Real-Time Daily on 09/26/2016

    Sophisticated marketers and the agencies that support them are beginning to look deeply at using deterministic data-that is, data collected firsthand, aggregated from sources like subscriptions, opt-ins, and onsite user behaviors. We can also look to external sources of first-party data like Facebook and Google to help extend a brand's reach to its highest-value customers.

  • The ANA Study On Ad Transparency Is Spot-On: Now What? in Real-Time Daily on 07/12/2016

    The recent study of media transparency conducted by K2 Intelligence on behalf of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) opened a closet door exposing a ton of skeletons in the digital ad buying world. The study concluded that agency rebates and management fee double-dipping were pervasive, and was especially damning to the approach most agencies take to programmatic ad buying.

  • Programmatic Transparency Or Bust: The Agency Road Map in Real-Time Daily on 04/06/2016

    Change is coming to the programmatic landscape. Agencies that don't deliver complete cost transparency for their clients, either intentionally through high rebates or unintentionally by being ignorant of ad-network and platform-pricing models, will lose their clients' trust and eventually their business over the next two years.

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  • Programmatic Knowledge Gaps Can Hurt Ad Biz by Felicia Greiff (RTBlog on 02/18/2016)

    This is a huge challenge and one that doesn't get talked about enough. Programmatic has been the most abused buzzword in adtech and I would bet most people in digital advertising couldn't define it. This is how fraud gets financed, and how adtech companies get away with taking huge margins on ad spend.The challenge of the programmatic marketer is can you also be an effective educator for your client/brand because that's whats needed most right now.  

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