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Zach Schapira

Member since May 2016

  • Sr. Product Manager Amazon
  • Florida
  • 33154 USA

Zach Schapira is currently Sr. Product Manager at Amazon

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  • The Best-Kept Secrets About Ad-Serving Data in Real-Time Daily on 01/03/2017

    Today, brands have a wide range of data to analyze that can inform their marketing and advertising strategies, which can include anything from DSP, CRM, demographic, psychographic, behavioral data, and more. The ad server, for example, is best known for-at a minimum-its frequency capping, day-parting and targeting capabilities. But if a brand marketer is looking for a bigger return on ad spend, ad server data, if manipulated strategically, presents several opportunities that can reduce campaign costs and increase performance.

  • A Survival Kit For Using Data In Programmatic Creative in Real-Time Daily on 09/19/2016

    There is a lot of confusion in the market about the difference between programmatic targeting and creative targeting. For some advertisers, there is no difference - and for others, the two couldn't be more distant. But as usual, the truth is neither. Programmatic and creative go hand in hand, and should work in tandem to maximize effectiveness.

  • Are You Using All Your First-Party Data? in Real-Time Daily on 07/17/2016

    With the vast amount of user data floating around for sale today, some wide-eyed advertisers might be coaxed into believing that, if they could only reach deeper into their pockets and buy the right combination of audience profiles, they might be able to cobble together their very own customized basket of low-hanging fruit. But despite the plethora of all that alluring second- and third-party data, many brands have realized by now that their most valuable audience data is in fact their own first-party data.

  • The Underrated Power Of Context In Political Advertising in Marketing: Politics on 05/10/2016

    As our country enters the final stretch of primary season, wondering how long Bernie Sanders can keep up with Hillary Clinton, or what to make of the Donald Trump phenomenon, voters are constantly bombarded with political advertising.

  • Define Gray Lines In Programmatic Before They Define You in Real-Time Daily on 05/03/2016

    The next frontier is already here. Wherever lines are drawn, there are grey lines. And digital advertising is no different. There are many "gray" ways in which a publisher may manipulate an ad's exposure in order to maximize profits.

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