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David Grow

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David graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History, and a secondary major in Political Science in 2005. In 2009, David received his Juris Doctor from Western New England School of Law. Always at the forefront of industry innovations, David has driven growth for clients large and small through his expert analysis, strategic insights, team management, and ability to adapt in an always evolving industry. His talent for quickly analyzing and utilizing emerging products and technologies has not only been of great value to his clients, but also the subject of multiple case studies and publications.

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  • How To Prepare For Changes To AdWords Enhanced CPC in Search Marketing Daily on 06/09/2017

    An automated bidding strategy within Google AdWords, Enhanced CPC considers an array of information, including device, browser, location and time of day, to adjust bids up or down by up to 30%. Basically, it allows Google to raise bids when it thinks a conversion is more likely and lower bids when the conversion is less likely.

  • How To Spot Affiliate Ad Hijacking in Search Marketing Daily on 03/06/2017

    Although affiliate programs can be a successful part of a comprehensive, sophisticated online marketing program, they can go from supplemental to detrimental. One example of this is ad hijacking.

  • Comprehensive Guide To Negative Keywords: Part II in Search Marketing Daily on 08/04/2016

    Negative keywords can reduce costs when marketers optimize their account performance by limiting the ads served for irrelevant searches. The second part to this series explains the implementation strategy. For an overview of match types, negative lists and account limits, please refer to Part I.

  • Comprehensive Guide To Negative Keywords: Part I in Search Marketing Daily on 07/18/2016

    Negative keywords are a great tool that marketers can use to optimize their account performance by limiting the ads served for irrelevant searches, thereby reducing costs. Here I provide an overview of match types, negative lists and account limits. The second part to this series will explain the implementation strategy.

  • How to Navigate Exporting And File Saving Issues In Excel in Search Marketing Daily on 07/08/2016

    Microsoft Excel is one of the most common tools that marketers rely on for sorting and analyzing data, and although exporting and saving would seem to be basic skills that everyone would already have, there are certain situations that cause problems for many Excel users in general, and marketers specifically. Here are a few of those potential hazards and how to fix or avoid them.

  • How To Handle Google's Recent Device Adjustment Changes in Search Marketing Daily on 06/02/2016

    Since Google rolled out Enhanced Campaigns, advertisers have been clamoring for more freedom in device-level targeting and bidding. With the rollout, bids have been anchored to the desktop device and adjusted for mobile by applying a percent change (from -100% to +300%). Tablet bids were not adjustable, matching the desktop bid.

  • How To Find Or Fix The GTIN In Your Feed  in Search Marketing Daily on 05/13/2016

    For many advertisers, quickly pulling together missing GTIN information can become challenging, and it is especially difficult to fix any GTIN in the feed that Google has noted as incorrect. Here are a few ways to solve common problems as Google's May 16 deadline approaches.

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  • Google Shopping Automates Pricing, Availability by Laurie Sullivan (Search Marketing Daily on 10/18/2017)

    Sachin,Thanks for the question. Automatic item updates can be very beneficial for consumers when properly impelmented. Consumers that are not ready, should opt-out and work with Google to put them in place when they are ready. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any further questions at David Grow

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