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Linda Landers

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Linda is the founder & CEO of Girlpower Marketing, a boutique PR and digital marketing agency specializing in consumer lifestyle brands, with an expertise in marketing to women. She has worked with dozens of companies and blue-chip brands and start-ups, including Procter & Gamble, Hilton Hotels, United Airlines, Barnes & Noble, Seneca Snacks, Kashi, Disney Interactive, 8th Continent Soymilk and many more. Linda writes a syndicated blog, and has been quoted in Brandweek, Adweek, PRWeek, CNBC, Forbes, Huffington Post and USA Today.

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  • Put Boomer Women on Your 'Nice' List This Holiday Season by Linda Landers (Engage:Boomers on 10/26/2017)

    Totally agree, Kris, that it's important to recognize that women can't be segmented strictly by age. It's important to recognize lifestage as well as chronological age. Today's women are experiencing life in a less linear fashion; having babies in their forties, starting new careers in their 50s, and often re-enterting the date scene in their 60s.

  • Pay Me, Why Don't You by Stephanie Azzarone (Engage:Moms on 07/27/2011)

    I totally agree, Stephanie. I heard you speak at BlogHer and agree with you 100%. It may not be a popular position with some bloggers, but I think it's fair, realistic and appropriate.

  • Social Media Moms Are Really Alpha Consumers by Maryanne Conlin (Engage:Moms on 09/15/2010)

    I totally agree with Maria. While social media sites are great influencing tools, they are indeed one part of the equation. Women/moms still continually engage in conversations and provide recommendations offline as well. Marketers would be well served to look at an integrated approach to reaching these key influencers.

  • Are Baby Boomers The Unicorn In Social Media? by Lori Bitter (Engage:Boomers on 05/31/2010)

    I can also vouch that Lori is neither a whipper snapper nor a twit -- I think this study's takeaways are dead on, and seem to validate that -- as with most social groups -- it's the "lifestage" that drives activity as opposed to the chronological age. As a younger Boomer, I'm very active on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter -- but probably more so because I am a business owner and marketing professional. However, these social media tools are only part of the toolbox I use on behalf of myself and my clients - integrating them with offline strategies has been key to my success.

  • 'More' Reaches Out To Women Of Any Age by (MediaDailyNews on 02/18/2010)

    I'm equally surprised, as I think to date MORE has done an exceptional job creating a quality publication that targets the over 40 woman. As a boomer woman and marketing professional, MORE has consistently been at the top of my reading list precisely because they have rocked this space for years now. I'm deeply disappointed in this change of strategy, and think they're going to look back on this with regret. This definitely opens the door to others with the clarity of vision regarding the over 40 woman.

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