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Jason Cormier

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Jason Cormier is the co-founder of Room 214, a digital marketing agency that helps brands grow and innovate. He has led digital marketing initiatives for some of the nation’s most recognizable B2C and B2B companies. Jason is also the author of the Amazon best-seller, Transformative Digital Marketing, as well as the Complete Buyer’s Guide on How to Choose the Right Marketing Agency. Jason advises others as a member of HubSpot’s global Partner Advisory Council and a mentor for Watson University’s change-makers and social entrepreneurs.

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  • 5 Golden Rules Of Video Live Streaming by Jason Cormier (Marketing Insider on 03/18/2019)

    Great points and additions Chuck. Many overlook how important audio quality is to making the whole production a success.

  • An Advertising Revolution Is Taking Place by Rupert Maconick (Marketing Daily on 11/19/2015)

    First, I'll offer a quick follow-up to Ed's comment. Thanks for the quick history/correction on 30-second TV spots. To your point about those actually on cable, some very recent research I've seen is at  Finally, I don't believe Rupert is indicating that all of ad spending is or should be directed at millinneals. He's instead saying this is the future, and based on what I've been seeing, I think he's got great points. I had a conversation just yesterday with a millennial television producer who was suggesting to me there should be a Nike network, among many others for brands who are already focused on developing "wonderful, uplifting, relevant..." content.   As one who's been focused on digital marketing for over a decade, it's exciting to see how storytelling continues to become a greater part of the equation. I think it started getting good lip service three years ago -- but now it feels like brands are saying, "ok, for real now, how can we do this?"      

  • Doing Well With Purpose: The Rise Of The Craft Movement by Scott Coe (Marketing Daily on 11/26/2014)

    Great overview Scott. I think you summed it up best by referring to Craft as more about the "why" and "how." I believe the leaders within any company must be, first and foremost, keepers of the why. "Brand promise" and "reasons to believe" should always ladder up to why. When a company's course is going off-track or not as planned -- the vision that keeps it from completely derailing contains the why at the heart of it. Like craft, vision is also iterative. Craft, as you've defined it, also sounds like the substance of great storytelling. Like "craftwashing" we also see brands hopping on the storytelling bandwagon. I think the shortfall comes when the approach is too prescriptive. When "purposeful" or "authentic" is missing, people know it. On a final note, I'd love to see a collection of examples that best fit "craft." Do I head over to to check that out :-)

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